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Ski season has arrived and it is time to start planning your trip to the slopes. With Christmas coming up, we are all feeling conscious of spending money but this shouldn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. Here are some tips that will help you to be selective and mindful of where you spend your pennies.

When to Book

Generally when booking holidays we are recommended to book far in advance of our trip. However, there are often extremely reasonable last minute deals for ski holidays. This is due to the resorts wanting the rooms filled – they will stoop prices extremely low to do this. Be sure to shop around before booking.


Here at Compare Holiday Money, we encourage you to compare the best exchange rates on our website prior to your trip. Not only will we tell you the most competitive prices and where to find them; this will also help you avoid extortionate airport prices. Currency kiosks at airports are aware that it is your last opportunity to buy currency before you leave – make sure you don’t get caught out!


There are two options of accommodation that will help you budget your trip. It may be worth looking at an all-inclusive package. Although this may seem like a large some of money spent at once; you will not have any expenses whilst at your ski resort.

Alternatively, you could choose to stay in a chalet. The members of staff generally cater for at least two meals a day.


It is a good idea to plan your meals before arriving at your ski resort. Although the restaurants within the mountains are lovely, they are aware that you have limited options – therefore prices are quite high. Simply buy some snacks at the local supermarket and you will save yourself some money.


Driving to your destination may seem like a lot of effort, but there are many benefits to having a car in the mountains. If you go for a self-drive/self-catered holiday, you could take all your food with you and also have the option to find the local supermarket should you need it. This will also prevent you from spending money at the resort.

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