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By the way, these tips for travel blogging can be applied to everybody as well not just travel bloggers.
If you want to document your travel journeys through photos or videos, then here are some tips you can use.

1. Tripod or companion for photos

If you’re planning to take lots of photos with yourself in it then it’s better to carry a foldable tripod. Not a long, big tripod because it will become a burden and not suitable for adventurous trips and night time photography.
Also, we don’t recommend a gorilla pod either. They’re not stable and strong enough to have a medium sized to large sized camera attached to it. It’s even more risky to wrap it around a tree branch. The best way to get the desired angle is to use a tripod.
However, if you have a friend with you then they are the best tripod.

2. Cameras that have flip screens

Many cameras don’t have flip screens. When using it, you don’t really know where the camera is angling to. The only way to tell is to assume and do many retakes. That is quite time consuming and might take away moments to enjoy each destination. It’s worse if you’re going on a tour by yourself. This is why phones are preferred because you can flip the camera and see everything while filming or taking photos. However, phone front cameras are quite low quality.

Therefore, when purchasing new cameras, make sure to have flip screens. This comes in especially handy for vloggers and YouTubers. This way you won’t have to keep asking strangers to do you favours several times on your trips, even if you have friends with you.

3. Carry extra batteries 

This is not only for cameras but for your phones too. When your cameras have run out of batteries, you will still have phones to record. Some phones can record nearly as well as some cameras in daytime with sun light, so it’s good to keep it charged.
In terms of cameras, one battery is never going to be enough if you’e planning to be out all day. 

4. Carry extra memory cards

This is the same with the last tip. One SD card and phone storage won’t be enough, especially if you’re planning to take mostly videos. Unless you were willing to pay more than £50 for a memory card with more than 100 GB, then this tip might not apply as much.
If take a laptop with you, then be sure to carry a large memory storage to transfer everything into it. This will save you money and hassles from having to buy more SD cards.

5. Gimbal is one of your best friends

Gimbals are the best things for videography. They allow you to produce still videos even when running. However, this thing costs more than a camera and sometimes an expensive lens.

You don’t have to invest that much money unless it’s one of the money making tools. There are plenty of gimbals for phones that cost less than £50 and you can just record videos on your phone. This only applies when cameras aren’t suited for the job because you can always edit the color and contrast later in the editing process.

If you have gimbals and you’re tired of carrying a big camera around, then why not just film with phones throughout entire trips!

6. Pack some waterproof gears

This will help protect film gears even though you’re not filming underwater. In each country you’re visiting, it can’t always be predicted when it will rain. Not to mention when traveling near by a beach, waterfall, etc. These waterproof gears are not that expensive either, you can easily find one for phones with less than £15 and one for cameras with less than £40.

It’s better safe than sorry.

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