Tips for Travelling on a Strict Budget

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Travelling on a strict budget is something that is both challenging and rewarding. Sometimes travelling can seem exclusive only to those who have a large disposable income, however I strongly believe that going on a break can be accessible to anyone. We go on holidays to take a breather from our normal lives and to relieve stress. By keeping to a strict budget you are more likely to return home without any additional financial worries.

The time of year in which you decide to travel has a huge impact on the total price. For example, I went on an all inclusive holiday in the first week of September 2016, which was approximately £200 cheaper than the cost of the same holiday if I were to go in the last week of August. Additionally, as I was travelling as a young couple without children, the resort had a more adult atmosphere despite being a family friendly hotel. This was due to children in the UK heading back to school for their next academic year.

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Accommodation is usually something that people find intimidating when booking a holiday on a strict budget. By using websites such as Air BnB or Agoda, you can find yourself somewhere which perhaps has more privacy than a hotel for a much smaller price. By using this style of accommodation, you will also find yourself interacting with local people from the area  which will enrich your holiday in a way that an all inclusive hotel may not do.

Another way to save money whilst travelling on a strict budget is to avoid expensive holiday excursions. By getting friendly with the local people within the area, you can ask them for recommendations for places to eat and things to do within your budget. Try to limit to going out for one meal at a restaurant per day and carry packed lunches as a budget friendly alternative.

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Gift shops can be extremely expensive and tempting. Try to shop in local markets and stalls with the idea of finding one particular thing you want to take home in order to remember your holiday. By choosing one specific item you would like to take home, this becomes more of a treasure hunt than a spending spree.

These tips and tricks will not only enable you to continue to enjoy your holiday  whilst maintaining a strict budget; they will also allow you to feel guilt-free and find pleasure in locating hidden gems and avoiding crowded tourist spots.


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