Travel Aware: Make sure you are insured this summer

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When planning a holiday, most of us will try and find ways to keep costs down. However, it is important to remember travel insurance is not a cost you should ever risk avoiding. It is easy to begin to see things through rose tinted glasses and you can begin to feel that nothing could burst your holiday bubble. The mentality of “it wont happen to me” is not a good enough reason to avoid paying for travel insurance, read on to find out why.


There is always the risk of your luggage items being lost, stolen or damaged. Airlines do have a level of duty when it comes to taking care of your luggage so you may feel that you’ve got that “covered”. However you need to take into account that you can have your items stolen at any time. Your hotel may lose your luggage or you may leave it on public transport. Whatever the situation, travel insurance would serve a huge purpose in resolving this.

 Flight Delays and Cancellations:

If you arrive at the airport and find there are issues with your departure, having travel insurance could be the reason your holiday isn’t a complete write-off. It is frustrating when flights are cancelled or delayed, however in reality it does happen. Some policies will even pay for your accommodation while you wait for the next available flight.

Cancelling your own holiday:

Some policies will ensure you receive your money back should you need to cancel your holiday. This could be for a multitude of reasons such as a family member or yourself falling ill, a break up of a relationship or financial reasons. Not all will be lost if you have to cancel your holiday providing you have the correct travel insurance package.

Medical Cover:

If you have any medical problems when abroad, your travel insurance can save you from an unwanted medical bill. It is important to state any existing health conditions you when seeking medical cover, such as pregnancy or asthma.

Julia Longbottom, FCO Consular Director, said:

“A relaxing holiday can easily turn into a nightmare trip if you don’t have adequate travel insurance. It’s important to make sure you have the correct cover for you and your trip. Check what your insurance does and doesn’t cover. Some policies might not cover cruises, pre-existing medical conditions, or certain sports or destinations, for example. Having adequate insurance in place will give you peace of mind for a happy and enjoyable holiday.”

Always remember that by spending a small sum of money on travel insurance, you can prevent yourself from loosing thousands of pounds. You can use our website to compare travel insurance quotes. Please stay #TravelAware and if you have any more queries you can comment below or visit foreign travel insurance.


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