Travel destinations where they speak English (Asia and Europe)

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It’s understandable if you get tired of a language barrier on your trips. This is because adapting to new cultures is challenging enough, so don’t worry. There are plenty of countries around the world where people speak perfect English everywhere you go.

We will choose top 4 countries from each continent. We won’t be mentioning North America and Australia because we are sure you know they speak English there.

In this post, we are going to explore with Asia and Europe.



We all have dreamed of swimming in a clear, turquoise sea of Philippines. It’s literally on everyone’s bucket list. You will also be welcomed by locals everywhere because the hospitality in amazing there.

The bonus from this country is that the majority of people in Philippines speak perfect English. It is a requirement in the school system that each person from the Philippines can communicate in English fluently. Even the generation before can speak the language very well, but the new generation can do it even better.


If you have any friends from Singapore, you will know that all of them speak perfect English. This is because the country used to be a British colony. Even though it became part of Malaysia later on in 1963, the country still continued to teach English in schools until today.


Believe it or not, English is city dweller’s first language in Malaysia. And in other parts of the country, it’s their second language, but they are quite fluent. This is because the country used to be a British colony, just like Singapore, so English is their second nature.


Have you ever come across some Indian ads? Or talked to an Indian person outside of the country? You will be surprised at how fluent they are with English, despite the accent. Believe it or not, India is recognized by many countries in South East Asia to be a great destination for language learning.

It’s said that only around 14% to 30% of the population are fluent in English, but considering their overall population (roughly 1 billion), it’s a pretty good ratio.



It’s a country no one talks about but Malta is an English speaking country as it was part of the British empire for over 150 years.

Just like Malaysia, Malta has its own native language but for some people in the country, it’s their first language. This is also because of a new education systems that promotes internationalisation.


They say people who speak Danish are the best English speakers for a second language. This is due to similarity in both the languages and the people are taught English early own in primary schools. So you can enjoy the Scandinavian sceneries without worries.


Do you know that Swedish shares around 1,500 of English words? Here are some examples of Swedish words with similar spellings and pronunciation:

  • klocka = clock
  • kompass = compass
  • telefon = telephone

And there are also some words that are spelled and read like English words but have different meanings (make sure you don’t get confused when you’re in Sweden):

  • puss = kiss
  • barn = children
  • bra = good


After considering all the options, we just couldn’t leave Norway out of it.

You might have come across a Norwegian person sometime and somewhere in the UK. Everyone has the same reaction action, “their English is amazing, they’re practically native speakers”. Well, their ability to communicate in English is no worse than Sweden and Denmark, their Scandinavian neighbours.

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