Travel money: Home or work delivery?

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Thanks to websites like Compare Holiday Money the UK has a booming travel money home delivery market. By offering foreign exchange companies the chance to advertise to a very large market means that as customers we can enjoy the very best rates that can be offered. This is in marked contrast to the situation a few years ago when you had to go your bank or nearest high street bureau de change and get rates that today would seem like a rip-off.

Certainly our home delivery market is one of the most vibrant in the world and you have the choice of having it delivered to your home address or reserving it for collection at your local store or branch but what if you want your currency to be delivered to a work or alternative address? We had a look at what is available.

Looking at the delivery terms of the big brand retailers we see that Debenhams, Tesco, Sainsburys, The Post Office, John Lewis and eurochange all offer home delivery and all state they will only deliver to home addresses. The only explanation for this we could find was on the John Lewis Finance website where it states “ Your order can only be delivered to your card’s billing address to protect you from unauthorised card use. It also can only be delivered to your residential home address and cannot be delivered to your workplace”

Be Independent

OK so what about the smaller independent companies? There are a great deal of independent foreign exchange businesses offering home delivery on Compare Holiday Money. We list a range of businesses, some with no branches, stores or collection points – these usually offer the best rates, some with one or two and some with several. They vary quite a bit in terms and conditions but we try and make it easy for you to compare by factoring in all the costs and charges so you can see exactly how much you will get for the amount you are looking for.

However, we still want to find out if any of them will deliver to an alternative address.

We spoke to Sam at Covent Garden FX, a leading independent FX company based in London and asked if they will deliver to any address. Sam explained that they would, but they are required under current regulation to prove the identity of the buyer so you would have to provide additional forms of ID. Once the billing address has been verified then you would have to provide further evidence that you lived at the address.  

So, if you wanted to buy currency for a family member in a different part of the country for example, it’s possible with CGFX but be prepared for the extra questions!

As with all currency orders they are sent by Royal Mail special delivery which means wherever it is sent to it has to be signed for, not necessarily by you. So you may have to trust everyone at your place of work if you have it delivered there and Sam explained to us that they would advise customers that they should be sure they can be around to accept and sign for their package if they have it delivered to a work address! If the package is not signed for at home or work then it will be taken back to the sorting office and you can collect it there.

Travel FX, another independent who offer home delivery only. They state the following:

  “We can deliver to the address you specify on your order. We do not recommend delivery to work addresses”

As they only accept payment by bank transfer then the infamous card billing address is not an issue, this may be handy if you do want your currency delivered to an alternative address (its worth checking out some other facts about this method of payment).

One leading Independent supplier The Travel Money Club, offers another alternative which allows them to offer great rates and delivery to a work address. Managing Director Martin Taylor told us ” We have a UK delivery service where you can order and pay online by card AND have delivery to work. Travel Money Club undertakes a comprehensive ID check on every customer when they sign up, and as a result our acquiring bank allows us to deliver to non-cardholder addresses in the UK. This option is available to our Premium customers who pay £60 a year for unlimited free deliveries, next and nominated day delivery, delivery to home or work, £10k annual exchange limit, our clever currency toolkit (to manage and boost your travel money), preferential exchange rates, and travel perks (such as discounted airport parking). For those who travel frequently, in a large group, or who exchange lots of travel money this is a great value solution as our exchange rates include no markup”

Looking at some more independents we noted the following:

Currency Online Group: Deliver to home or work addresses.

Sterling: Home address only.

Ace-FX: Home address only.

Whitehall FX: One of the popular, smaller independents listing on Compare Holiday Money we asked owner Michael about their delivery policy and he told us he would be happy to deliver to an alternative address but he would want to be satisfied about the identity of the buyer and the transaction taking place.

So, the upshot is, if you need flexibility with your travel money deliveries then you will have to order from one of the smaller independents that would have the knowledge and provide a more personal customer service. Just be prepared to provide that extra information and maybe allow some extra time for the order.

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