Travelling on a student budget: Interrail

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This summer, as a student I have felt put off travelling or going on holiday due to expenses. For some universities the summer term is over and I am very aware this is the time of my life where I have the least commitments. In theory, students should leap at the chance of seeing the world, however the reality of studying in London involves sacrificing luxuries such as this. This left me wondering, what is the most budget friendly form of travelling for a student? That’s when I came across Interrail.

Interrail is a service that allows you to travel by train between the cities and towns of Europe. The Interrail Global Pass allows you to visit up to 40,000 destinations in 31 countries.

Will Brexit affect the Interrail Pass?

In short, no! UK citizens will still be able to travel using the Interrail Pass, whatever the outcome of Brexit. Citizens of European countries that do not belong to the EU (such as Switzerland and Turkey) also have use of the Interrail Pass. Likewise, travellers visiting the UK won’t be affected, and will be able to visit the UK with their pass.

Why should students get an Interrail Pass?

It seems Interrail travel is popular with students for many reasons. The main one I have found is that if you travel with other students, you can bring costs down when you are at your destinations. There is also an element of ‘safety in numbers’ which is great for a young person travelling for the first time. I spoke with a fellow student so you could get a first hand review:

“I went interrailing the summer before I started university. We travelled as a group of four which was great for the company, and this also meant our accommodation was super easy. We stayed in hostels in every city and often because there was four of us we got a more private room. In terms of travel we got a plane out there and then did all of our travel by train. The actual ticket for interrailing is incredible and means you can just hop about everywhere and not have to worry about the cost. For us, because it was our first time going away together and I was still under 18, we booked all of our trains in advance and reserved seats. This added to the cost a bit, naturally, but was probably the best idea for us. It meant we had guaranteed seats/beds on trains which could be hours long and on one occasion the train was so full we wouldn’t have been able to board unless we had our reservations. It’s a fantastic service and you get a wee booklet and stuff to keep so you’ve always got it as a memory!”

Anna Swan, Student

Interrailing seems perfect for students, as it is a great way to meet young like-minded people from different cultures. You could even use your trip to enhance your studies. Travelling is a great way to learn skills which will improve your professional life, and makes for a great conversation starter too! I aim to save enough money to go interrailing once I have graduated. Have you used an Interrail pass? Let us know in the comments!

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