Turkey holidays: Great food is cheap!

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Turkey is one of the places you can feast and spend to your heart’s content. You can spend carelessly and would still end up paying less than £50 a day.

We will give you some overview of prices for everything in Turkey, from the cheaper to the more expensive places and areas.

Snacks & Appetizer (cheaper – more expensive) = £0.54 – £3.36

When you walk to Hagia Sophia, there will be a small food truck selling pretzels looking snacks called “Simit”. Each one costs 4 TL or £0.54, and it’s quite big! You can ask for them to put nutella or just have it plain without additional costs.

Other appetizers such as soup usually don’t cost more than 25 TL or £3.36 (This price is from a 5-star restaurant in one of Istanbul’s most expensive hotels, so if you get it from somewhere else, the price will go down by more than half).

Breakfast (cheapest – more expensive) = up to £5.11

One of the most traditional Turkish breakfast is “Menemen”, or a one-pan egg and tomatoes dish cooked with various spices. If you order it at restaurants near Hagia Sophia then it will cost between 18 – 23 TL or £2.42 – £3.10. However, the price will go down by quite a lot if you order in a place further away from tourist attractions.

If you have breakfast with a very fresh orange juice then it totals up to 38 TL or £5.11 (again, this was a careless spending!).

Lunch (cheapest – most expensive) = £1.62 – £4.71

You can easily get a burger from a small store in Istanbul for 10 TL and add a bottle of water with it will cost 12 TL or £1.62. Or you can visit a small kebab restaurant and get a meal that costs between 30 – 35 TL or £4.04 – £4.71. This consists of a big skewer of meat with rice and vegetables, and a bottle of drink of choice.

2 – 3 Course Meal for Dinner (cheapest – more expensive) = £6.73 – £35.14

You have to visit a famous Turkish kebab and order lamb at least once. They really cook those meat to perfection! This is a more ‘expensive’ part of Istanbul (it’s not really pricey like you’d imagine), so these prices are slightly higher than what locals usually go for.

You can get a small appetizer with different dippings and some naan-looking bread. Also, 2 big skewers of kebab-style beef and lamb, rice, dipping, tortillas and a drink of choice for the main course. These cost 50 TL or £6.73.

In one of the oldest Turkish restaurants in Cappadocia, a 2-3 course meal dinner costs 118 TL or £15.88 each.

Dessert (cheapest – most expensive) = £1.32 – £3.36

The most famous dessert in Turkey (beside Turkish delights) is nothing other than Turkish ice cream! It’s sticky, the texture is like a combination of ice cream and marshmallow. When it comes to taste, it’s very similar to gelato in Italy but milkier.

A big cone will cost you 10 TL or £1.32 (unless you go to a very touristy areas then it’s 25 TL or £3.36.

Lastly, don’t forget to visit dine-in dessert shops in Istanbul. They have a huge selection of cold and hot desserts. They have choices of traditional Turkish and standard chocolate and vanilla desserts. Each item costs up to 45 TL or £6.06. This price is found at really well-decorated and expensive looking places, so it’s still really cheap.

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