Two Types of Travellers: Backpacker VS Vacationer

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It’s quite a big argument amongst travellers whether which way of traveling is the way to go. We have included some pros and cons amongst the types, so you can decide for yourself which type of traveller you want to be. There are two types:

Traveling as a backpacker

The way a backpacker travels is by packing and carrying all their travel stuff in a backpacker, hopping from one hostel to another, relying on a small budget, and basing the trips on cheap or inexpensive activities. The activities, for instance, include exploring cheap local food, sightseeing and many more. The types of people who are more likely to be traveling like this are students, low budget travel bloggers, young couples, millennials, etc.


  • Takes less time to save up
  • Still has various options of countries when choosing destinations
  • Gets to experience to way the locals live
  • Gets to travel and explore a country without breaking the wallet
  • Sometimes gets to stay in each country longer than planned
  • Usually makes new friends while staying in hostels


  • Is limited to the nearby countries
  • Sometimes has to sacrifice the privacy because of hostel (unless staying in a private hostel room)
  • Is limited to certain activities because of a small budget

One more thing, if you despise public transports then this might not be an option for you unless renting a car is cheaper than paying for trains or buses.

Traveling as a vacationer

On the other hand, a vacationer is a type of travellers who are like everyone of us that travel during our off-work period. Things get a bit more expensive than a backpacker because a vacationer stays in a nice to an expensive hotel, travels on a medium sized to a big budget and eats at nice restaurants most of the time. People who are more likely to be traveling like this are general workers or employees of a company, business owners, families, married couples, etc.


  • The budget allows one to travel pretty much anywhere
  • Can enjoy nearly all the available activities
  • Gets to stay in a nice place
  • The experience will be more luxurious and convenient
  • Gets the full relaxed alone time


  • Takes a bit longer to save up for each trip
  • Sometimes gets to experience the way the locals live as time is spent in a hotel or resort

The last cons is something that happens a lot amongst vacationers as their time is mostly spent inside their luxurious accommodation because they mostly want to explore and use all the facilities provided. However it is also good to be outside and see the country you paid the expensive flight for as well. If you’re able to balance this then you can experience the place just as much as backpackers do.

None of the types is worse than the other, it really depends on your preference. They are nice and enjoyable in their own way so in the end it doesn’t matter whichever one you end up with.

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