What currency is used in Barbados?

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Since 1935 Barbados currency has been the Barbados Dollar. It’s subunit is the Cent and Bds$1 = 100 cents. £10 GBP is worth around $25 Dollars but if you are travelling soon and looking to buy Barbados dollars then you can compare the latest rates from the countries top suppliers by visiting our Barbados currency page and checking out the Barbados Dollar exchange rates.


pieces of eight

Silver pieces of eight (Spanish dollars and later Mexican dollars) continued to form a large part of the currency circulating in Barbados right into the middle of the nineteenth century. And even though British sterling was formally adopted in 1848 with british coins in circulation, silver pieces of eight continued to be used by the private sector. Silver dollars were removed from circulation in 1879 and the first Barbados dollar banknotes were introduced in 1882. Pounds sterling and dollars both continued as official Barbados money.

In 1965 the East Caribbean dollar replaced the British West Indian Dollar and in 1973 the first Barbados Dollars were introduced which have been pegged to the US dollar at a rate of Bds$2 = US$1.

1973 also saw the first Barbados money coinage with denominations of 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, and $1.

Recent Barbados Dollar exchange rate history

90 Day


Barbados dollar 90 day rate history

The 90 day outlook from 16th September to 14th December has seen the Barbados Dollar rate drop by 0.74% from 2.6106 on 16/09/17 to 2.5913 on 12/12/17. Based on these figures, £750 would have bought you $14.47 more three months ago that it would have today. We recorded a high rate of 2.6188 on 19th September 2017 and a low rate of 2.5256 on 5th October 2017.

7 Day

barbados dollar 7 day rate history graph

Over the week from 8th December the Barbados Dollar has dropped by 0.30% from last Friday 8th rate of 2.5991 to today’s rate of 2.5913 which means £750 will buy you $5.85 less now than it would have a week ago. During this period the best rate we recorded was 2.5991 on Friday 8th and the worst rate was 2.5829 on Tuesday 12th December.

The very latest BBD exchange rate history can be found by visiting our Barbados Dollar exchange rate comparison page.

If you are travelling to Barbados and looking to buy Barbados currency at a location near you then you can use our Barbados Dollar click and collect page. Here you can enter your postcode and search for suppliers by best exchange rate or nearest location. Be sure to order online first before you go and collect to guarantee the exchange rate.

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