What currency is used in Poland?

The official currency and legal tender of Poland is the Polish zloty

If you are travelling to Poland then the current local currency is the Polish Zloty (pronounced zwo-tee).

Over 400,000 British citizens travel to Poland every year and the majority of travellers take between five hundred and six hundred GBP converted into Polish Zloty currency cash with them. Due to the expansion of the Euro currency over the years Poland will join the Euro currency in 2015 or 2016, but politically this is still undecided and may also prove difficult due to the recent crises in Ukraine which has forced the Polish Zloty currency to decrease against the GBP, and the Euro this year giving visitors more for their money.

Despite this the Polish tourism board have been conducting new television adverts to help promote the country and how far it has come in recent years. If you plan on travelling to Poland for a holiday trip or business trip, then you are advised to use the local Polish Zloty currency as using the Euro will be difficult as most retailers and vendors do not accept the Euro currency in Poland. If you do use the Euro and find a retailer that accepts the currency the exchange rates will be very poor and it is most likely that your change will be given in Polish Zloty currency anyway.

If for any reason you come back from Poland with left over Polish Zloty currency you can always use our currency buy back service which compares all the buy-back suppliers in the UK which enables you to get the best deal possible on left over travel money. Going to Poland for a holiday or business travel? Why not compare the best exchange rates and suppliers for the Polish Zloty and if you have any further questions on currency please visit the compare holiday money forum to ask our currency experts about your questions.

Adam Silveston

Adam is a writer for Compare Holiday Money.

Published on 19 August 2014
Poland, Pln, Polish Zloty

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