What did you do this Christmas?

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Kidz R Us's production of Mother GooseSome of the most popular offers we feature in our weekly newsletter are theatre breaks. Whether it is a break to New York and Broadway or just to London and the West End theatres, these make great short breaks. So what has this to do with Christmas? Over the last two weeks I have been volunteering with a local youth theatre group called Kidz R Us (www.kidzrus.net) and their panto production of Mother Goose.

The show was a great success and it is quite satisfying being part of a big production like this and to work with the other volunteers. I have been helping out with the group for nearly 10 years now and we have seen many volunteers come and go normally parents of the kids in the shows that move on when their off spring do. This year on of the lads that had a starring role in last years Panto, Aladdin, started to help back stage.

The reason that Tom was helping back stage was that the commitment with all the rehearsals is massive and Tom is an IT Diploma student and wants to do well at college. We hear so much about soft college courses it was nice to meet a student that took his studies seriously. If you think you need a motivated IT apprentice in about a years time I think I know someone who would be interested. Tom has just started his own blog, there isn’t much there yet, but you can follow him on Blogspot.com

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