What to look for in an Airbnb

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Finding an abode halfway across the world simply by doing some quick research on the Internet is the third major accomplishment of humanity. (The first one was figuring out the fire. The second one was the development of the noble sport of ferret-legging. The third one… if the man actually did walk on the Moon, that would take spot number three then. Otherwise, it’s still Airbnb.) That’s right!

Need a place to crash on after you land in Sweden and feel thoroughly jet-lagged? Airbnb has got you covered! (It’s just that you need to make arrangements beforehand, of course. But you get the idea.)Don’t feel like contacting a tourist agency to find you a hotel in the Czech Republic? Czechia? Well, you can find excellent offers on Airbnb, available to you this instant! In this article, we’ll talk about what sort of things you need to take into consideration in order to get the most out of your potential new staying place in your destination country. 

Right then, without further ado, here’s the deal.


First things first. Understanding where your new leased house for the time is situated is important for several reasons. The vicinity of major historical monuments and other points of interest, for example, would be important for a tourist with these interests in mind. On the other hand, you want your house to be close to the train station, the metro, and other transportation hub spots.

Also, you want to check the crime rate for that location and if it’s dangerous to walk there during the night. All in all, you want to find a location that suits your particular interests in the best way, so that you don’t have additional transport expenses and can access your points of interest quickly and easily!

Amenities and ventilation

Once you’ve pinpointed the location of your new staying spot, it’s important to look into its amenities.

For example, a geographically well-situated place won’t be of much use if it doesn’t have running water, has frequent blackouts and power outages, and you have to go to your neighbour’s to pee, or otherwise, take your chance and do it from the balcony. 

Hey, it may have been fun, but now you’ve covered an angry Pole with urine and he’s out to get you! So, make sure to check for the toilet, running water, number of beds, and the ventilation system – especially if it’s summer! A lack of a proper ventilation system on holiday can throw a steaming hot spanner in the works of your vacation, so make sure to check if the place you’re ogling is well-ventilated. Last but not least, ask your host more about the fire system, as one thing that’s more important than comfort is your safety. 

The host

Check the host, as well. What if they’re mental?

Well, tough luck you’re going to make a mistake of staying at their property then – because the folks who’ve had negative experiences with them will have left some negative reviews on their Airbnb profile. Generally speaking, figuring out whether the host is trustworthy is not that difficult on a platform such as Airbnb because of its meritocratic nature. Simply take some time to read through the reviews previous customers have left and you should have some idea of what sort of host you’re dealing with.

Cancellation policy

Every once in a while, some unexpected things can happen while you’re on holiday that can make it a complete and utter disaster. So, to make the most of this excursion of yours, as well as have a clear idea of what to do in case it all goes awry – make sure to determine your host’s cancellation policy

This rather important prospect is often an afterthought in the entire booking process, probably due to the initial excitement you feel about visiting the destination in question. So, do check out that cancellation policy, because you may end up needing it at some point!


This one may come across as overwhelmingly obvious, but what is important is to understand that you’re not just checking the price as it is. You’re checking the price concerning all of the aforementioned prospects.  For example, a location with more amenities but which is farther away from the airport may be a better one for some people, which the other folk, on the other hand, may feel more at ease knowing they can hop on a plane home whenever they like.

Also, an important tip to keep in mind would be to never put all of your monetary eggs in a single Airbnb basket. Always leave something on the side, so you can get by in case of an emergency during your stay or, for example, if you suddenly feel like making a detour. All things considered, Airbnb is one of the best options you have available when it comes to finding accommodation in a foreign country you’re planning on visiting. As long as you stick to the checklist above, chances are – you’re going to have a blast of a time and meet some lovely hosts, as well!

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