When Is The Best Time To Travel?

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This is a common problem all travelers will face at least once. You either get stuck in a snowstorm, end up having a heatstroke or have to stay in because it rains so much. It’s always one or another!

Here are some advice we can give you to make sure you don’t have to go through any of these. But this depends on the reason of your trip.

Just to explore

Can’t stand heat? Get cold too easily? And just feel like it’s the end of the world when it rains?

Then the most appropriate time for you to visit many countries such as Canada, Norway, Morocco, etc., is during a springtime. This is when the temperature is the mildest and you will get to see beautiful flowers blooming everywhere. There also won’t be much wind or rain, so it’s perfect for exploring.

Also, you won’t have to fight with other tourists for cheaper tickets and accommodation because it’s not a high tourist season. An expensive destination can become cheaper!

In terms of tropical countries, it’s best to travel in the winter. This is because the temperature is the most comfortable around this time of the year. It’s dry, mild and there won’t be much storms. Would say it’s one of the best times to hit the beach without getting a sunburn!

Unfortunately, winter is a high tourist season because of Christmas and New Years. If you want to get it cheaper, book flights from early December or after the New Years.

Winter Holiday

For all ski, snowboard and iceskating lovers out there, this tip is for you!

We don’t recommend traveling during a peak winter season, unless you don’t mind being stuck in the snowstorm, having flights cancelled and paying more for practically everything.

You should visit the country at the beginning of winter or after the peak time, which is around mid January. This should allow you to enjoy the snow mountain without a big crowd and paying about a quarter less than everyone else. 

Summer Holiday

Believe it or not, in tropical countries, like Thailand for instance, their summer starts in April! So yes, June and July are actually the stormiest time of the year.

If you LOVE heat, where it gets close to the melting point, then April is the best time to travel. You might end up running into some festivals like SongKran festival where you get to splash water at each other and get to be young again.

And, of course, for other countries, summer will start around June. However, why would you want to fight to practically travel anywhere? I mean you do realise what you will encounter if you in Istanbul or Cappadocia around June, right?

So in this case, we recommend travelling around May because it’s a month before the peak and lovely weather month. Flights and accommodation are not going to be as expensive and you will get to enjoy each sight and take photos without having to shove people around.

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