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 Wine Tasting

There are certain countries we instantly associate with producing wine and each year the number of countries partaking in this trade is growing. The consumption of wine has increased in popularity in more areas of the world in recent years – let’s take a look at the largest wine regions of the world.


Chardonnay Grapes






Although France is the highest wine producing country in the world, it has actually decreased production by 11% in recent years. It is estimated that France produces 7-8 billion bottles of wine per year and is the home of a variety of different grapes such as Pinot noir, Sauvignon blanc and Chardonnay which are now planted around the world to expand the global production of wine.



Italy sources one third of wine that is sold worldwide due having over 1 million vineyards in cultivation. Along with France, Italy has also reduced wine production, however it still is the second largest wine region of the world. Often Italian wines take the name of the place the grapes were grown. Some of the most famous Italian wines include Amarone, Taurasi and Fiano di Avellino. Italy is also famous for producing quality Prosecco and produces 150 million bottles annually.



The creation of wine in Spain is preferred to be known as elaborar (to elaborate) as opposed to fabricar (to manufacture). This reflects the fact that the winemaker has to nurture the grapes in preparation of the process. The main red grape varieties include Tempranilo, Bobal and Monastrell. Due to the preservation of wine being released after a certain age, Rioja could stop producing wine today and still make a profit for years to come.

United States


The United States sources 90% of wine sold from California. There are approximately 1200 wineries in the state including both small boutique wineries and big corporations that distribute globally. California has 427,000 acres of vines planted between Mendocino County to the South-Western tip of Riverside County.

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