Women’s European Championship Finals

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The Women’s England Squad


I am supposed to use this blog to bring you the latest currency and exchange rate news and articles. To get that out of the way you should compare the best Swedish Krona rates now. What I am really going to talk about is the Women’s European Championship Finals in Sweden.

I have been trying to promote Women’s Football for the last five years. Women’s football is like men’s football but without the falling over at the slightest knock and more skill on the ball. In the premiership a player may roll alone the ground for twenty metres, as fi shot by a sniper ,holding his face and then look to see if he gets a free kick, if not then he jumps up and plays on as if nothing happened because it probably didn’t, in the Germany vs. Netherlands game the same situation came up but without the dramatic rolling around and the girl actually had a bleeding nose after the challenge. You see, it is like football as we know it but with a bit more honesty and integrity.

The competition opened on Wednesday and England’s first game was England vs. Spain on Friday. In typical English style we lost our first group game 3:2 with Spain scoring the winning goal in extra time. Not the best start I will admit but last time England made it all the way to the final, losing 6:2 to Germany. Before you get too depressed England has won the world cup twice in 1985 and ’88 and been the Euros runner up twice in ’84 and 2009. Compare that to the men’s game!

If you watched the football at London 2012 then you will know that England are more than capable of holding their own on the world stage. Just to make it interesting German are looking to win their 8th straight Euro final. Who can possibly complain about another England Germany final?

Last time the finals were held in Finland but next time round Scotland are in the bidding to host them in 2017 which should raise the profile of women’s football even more in the UK.

Finally you can watch all of the games on BBC 3 for free so there really is no excuse not to support the team and if we do reach the final then try and grab some last minute tickets!

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