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Debenhams Currency Exchange Rates

Compare today's latest Debenhams currency exchange rates for 65 major world currencies that are in stock now. These rates were last updated 41 minutes ago and refer to Debenhams's online rates - you may get a lower rate if you walk in off the street without ordering online first.

Latest Debenhams Travel Money Rates

Currency Exchange Rate £100 Buys £750 Buys Buy Now
Euros 1.1403 114.03 855.23 Order Online
US Dollars 1.2728 127.28 954.60 Order Online
Australian Dollars 1.8027 180.27 1,352.03 Order Online
Bahraini Dinars 0.4665 46.65 349.88 Order Online
Bangladeshi Taka 96.9673 9,696.73 72,725.48 Order Online
Barbados Dollars 2.3625 236.25 1,771.88 Order Online
Bermudian Dollars 1.2046 120.46 903.45 Order Online
Brazilian Reals 4.8743 487.43 3,655.73 Order Online
Brunei Dollars 1.6593 165.93 1,244.48 Order Online
Bulgarian Lev 2.1723 217.23 1,629.23 Order Online
Canadian Dollars 1.7096 170.96 1,282.20 Order Online
Cayman Islands Dollars 0.9867 98.67 740.03 Order Online
Central Pacific Francs 124.357 12,435.70 93,267.75 Order Online
Chilean Pesos 810.773 81,077.30 608,079.75 Order Online
Chinese Yuan 8.2086 820.86 6,156.45 Order Online
Colombian Pesos 3739.85 373,985.00 2,804,887.50 Order Online
Costa Rica Colons 723.927 72,392.70 542,945.25 Order Online
Croatian Kuna 8.3268 832.68 6,245.10 Order Online
Czech Koruna 28.5514 2,855.14 21,413.55 Order Online
Danish Krone 8.3184 831.84 6,238.80 Order Online
Dominican Pesos 60.4466 6,044.66 45,334.95 Order Online
East Caribbean Dollars 3.2656 326.56 2,449.20 Order Online
Egyptian Pounds 19.5867 1,958.67 14,690.03 Order Online
Fiji Dollars 2.5742 257.42 1,930.65 Order Online
Hong Kong Dollars 9.7616 976.16 7,321.20 Order Online
Hungarian Forints 356.915 35,691.50 267,686.25 Order Online
Icelandic Krona 149.712 14,971.20 112,284.00 Order Online
Indonesian Rupiahs 17115 1,711,500.00 12,836,250.00 Order Online
Israeli Shekels 4.3901 439.01 3,292.58 Order Online
Jamaican Dollars 157.950 15,795.00 118,462.50 Order Online
Japanese Yen 139.893 13,989.30 104,919.75 Order Online
Jordanian Dinars 0.8503 85.03 637.73 Order Online
Kenyan Shillings 123.652 12,365.20 92,739.00 Order Online
Malaysian Ringgits 5.0021 500.21 3,751.58 Order Online
Mauritian Rupees 42.7169 4,271.69 32,037.68 Order Online
Mexican Pesos 23.6901 2,369.01 17,767.58 Order Online
Namibian Dollars 17.1459 1,714.59 12,859.43 Order Online
New Zealand Dollars 1.9076 190.76 1,430.70 Order Online
Norwegian Krone 10.7434 1,074.34 8,057.55 Order Online
Omani Rials 0.4669 46.69 350.18 Order Online
Pakistani Rupees 166.258 16,625.80 124,693.50 Order Online
Peruvian Nuevo Sol 3.9748 397.48 2,981.10 Order Online
Philippine Pesos 61.4423 6,144.23 46,081.73 Order Online
Polish Zloty 4.8034 480.34 3,602.55 Order Online
Romanian Leu 5.0767 507.67 3,807.53 Order Online
Russian Rubles 77.8004 7,780.04 58,350.30 Order Online
Saudi Riyals 4.6317 463.17 3,473.78 Order Online
Singapore Dollars 1.7215 172.15 1,291.13 Order Online
South African Rand 18.0030 1,800.30 13,502.25 Order Online
South Korean Won 1391.65 139,165.00 1,043,737.50 Order Online
Sri Lankan Rupees 200.963 20,096.30 150,722.25 Order Online
Swedish Krona 11.7922 1,179.22 8,844.15 Order Online
Swiss Francs 1.2942 129.42 970.65 Order Online
Taiwan Dollars 36.9893 3,698.93 27,741.98 Order Online
Thai Baht 40.1669 4,016.69 30,125.18 Order Online
Turkish Lira 7.3255 732.55 5,494.13 Order Online
United Arab Emirates Dirham 4.6235 462.35 3,467.63 Order Online
Uruguayan Pesos 40.7874 4,078.74 30,590.55 Order Online
Vietnamese Dongs 27669 2,766,900.00 20,751,750.00 Order Online

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Better exchange rates may be available from other other UK suppliers. For a full comparison of today's best currency deals, see our latest travel money rates.

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Debenhams travel money reviews

Our customers have rated Debenhams as Good with an average score of 3.6 / 5 based on 416 independent reviews. Read all customer reviews on our Debenhams review page.


11th April 2019

Ordered €500 online to be picked up at local store. Money deducted straight away. By next day still no email confirmation, needed to not only confirm but pick up order. Spent ages trying get through automated customer service. Finally spoke to somebody who said no record of me or my order. And to contact head office via email. Did immediately got automated response till next day then only will pass message on reply. Forget it. Got on to my bank had transaction stopped/returned. Took another hour of my time as of course lot of procedure. Another day later lo and behold got email from Debenhams saying found order and to pick up. Replied that I have had it cancelled. Never again. Whilst iorder may have eventually been found and processed, in this day and age with scams was too much of a risk waiting around believing no trace before reporting to bank.


27th March 2019

Good rate for these turbulent times on the markets. Debenhams Silverburn staff were pleasant and helpful. Great convenient way to obtain foreign exchange

How do Debenhams's exchange rates compare in the high street?

We are currently comparing 2,812 exchange rates for 76 currencies from 37 UK travel money providers. This is how Debenhams compare on some of the top currencies:

Currency Debenhams Rate Top High Street Rate Compare Deals
Euros Euros 1.1403 1.1492 More Details
US Dollars US Dollars 1.2728 1.2873 More Details
Australian Dollars Australian Dollars 1.8027 1.8179 More Details
Canadian Dollars Canadian Dollars 1.7096 1.7200 More Details
Turkish Lira Turkish Lira 7.3255 7.4111 More Details

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