First Choice currency exchange rates

Today's latest First Choice currency exchange rates for 41 major world currencies that are in stock now. These rates were last updated 42 minutes ago and refer to First Choice's online rates only; you may get a lower rate if you walk in off the street without reserving online first.

Better exchange rates are available from other UK suppliers. See our buy currency page for a full comparison of today's best rates.
Currency Exchange Rate £750 Buys Buy Now
Euros 1.0714 803.55 Order Online
US dollars 1.1869 890.18 Order Online
Turkish lira 6.5159 4,886.93 Order Online
Bahraini dinars 0.4297 322.28 Order Online
Barbados dollars 2.2429 1,682.18 Order Online
Bulgarian lev 2.0412 1,530.90 Order Online
Canadian dollars 1.5408 1,155.60 Order Online
Chilean pesos 763.436 572,577.00 Order Online
Chinese yuan 7.7204 5,790.30 Order Online
Costa Rica colons 604.819 453,614.25 Order Online
Croatian kuna 7.7017 5,776.28 Order Online
Czech koruna 26.548 19,911.00 Order Online
Danish krone 7.7439 5,807.93 Order Online
Dominican pesos 56.416 42,312.00 Order Online
Fiji dollars 2.4499 1,837.43 Order Online
Hong Kong dollars 9.006 6,754.50 Order Online
Hungarian forints 332.485 249,363.75 Order Online
Icelandic krona 139.065 104,298.75 Order Online
Israeli shekels 3.9782 2,983.65 Order Online
Jamaican dollars 148.096 111,072.00 Order Online
Japanese yen 121.918 91,438.50 Order Online
Jordanian dinars 0.7988 599.10 Order Online
Kenyan shillings 113.992 85,494.00 Order Online
Kuwaiti dinars 0.3432 257.40 Order Online
Malaysian ringgits 4.7165 3,537.38 Order Online
Mauritian rupees 40.507 30,380.25 Order Online
Mexican pesos 22.4103 16,807.73 Order Online
New Zealand dollars 1.8046 1,353.45 Order Online
Norwegian krone 10.3388 7,754.10 Order Online
Omani rials 0.4377 328.28 Order Online
Peruvian nuevo sol 3.742 2,806.50 Order Online
Philippine pesos 57.058 42,793.50 Order Online
Polish zloty 4.4463 3,334.73 Order Online
Qatar riyals 4.1494 3,112.05 Order Online
Romanian leu 4.7815 3,586.13 Order Online
Russian rubles 73.1652 54,873.90 Order Online
Saudi riyals 4.3057 3,229.28 Order Online
Swedish krona 11.1982 8,398.65 Order Online
Swiss francs 1.1336 850.20 Order Online
Thai baht 35.0612 26,295.90 Order Online
UAE dirham 4.2464 3,184.80 Order Online

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How do First Choice's exchange rates compare?

This is how much currency you'll receive for £750 (not including delivery charges) based on today's latest exchange rates. For a complete comparison of UK currency suppliers, see our travel money comparisons.


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