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Sainsburys Currency Exchange Rates

Compare today's latest Sainsburys currency exchange rates for 54 major world currencies that are in stock now. These rates were last updated 60 minutes ago and refer to Sainsburys's online rates - you may get a lower rate if you walk in off the street without ordering online first.

Latest Sainsburys Travel Money Rates

Currency Exchange Rate £100 Buys £750 Buys Buy Now
Euros 1.0781 107.81 808.58 Order Online
US Dollars 1.2207 122.07 915.53 Order Online
Australian Dollars 1.6769 167.69 1,257.68 Order Online
Bahraini Dinars 0.4399 43.99 329.93 Order Online
Barbados Dollars 2.2943 229.43 1,720.73 Order Online
Brazilian Reals 4.3977 439.77 3,298.28 Order Online
Bulgarian Lev 2.0368 203.68 1,527.60 Order Online
Canadian Dollars 1.6138 161.38 1,210.35 Order Online
Cayman Islands Dollars 0.9294 92.94 697.05 Order Online
Chilean Pesos 773.343 77,334.30 580,007.25 Order Online
Chinese Yuan 8.0248 802.48 6,018.60 Order Online
Costa Rica Colons 665.030 66,503.00 498,772.50 Order Online
Croatian Kuna 7.7113 771.13 5,783.48 Order Online
Czech Koruna 26.9534 2,695.34 20,215.05 Order Online
Danish Krone 7.7672 776.72 5,825.40 Order Online
Dominican Pesos 57.7711 5,777.11 43,328.33 Order Online
East Caribbean Dollars 3.1325 313.25 2,349.38 Order Online
Fiji Dollars 2.4086 240.86 1,806.45 Order Online
Hong Kong Dollars 9.2528 925.28 6,939.60 Order Online
Hungarian Forints 332.718 33,271.80 249,538.50 Order Online
Icelandic Krona 146.006 14,600.60 109,504.50 Order Online
Indonesian Rupiahs 16636 1,663,600.00 12,477,000.00 Order Online
Israeli Shekels 4.3535 435.35 3,265.13 Order Online
Japanese Yen 133.901 13,390.10 100,425.75 Order Online
Jordanian Dinars 0.8247 82.47 618.53 Order Online
Kenyan Shillings 118.144 11,814.40 88,608.00 Order Online
Kuwaiti Dinars 0.3551 35.51 266.33 Order Online
Malaysian Ringgits 4.8530 485.30 3,639.75 Order Online
Mauritian Rupees 39.6598 3,965.98 29,744.85 Order Online
Mexican Pesos 23.9157 2,391.57 17,936.78 Order Online
New Zealand Dollars 1.7550 175.50 1,316.25 Order Online
Norwegian Krone 10.2214 1,022.14 7,666.05 Order Online
Omani Rials 0.4497 44.97 337.28 Order Online
Peruvian Nuevo Sol 3.8127 381.27 2,859.53 Order Online
Philippine Pesos 59.4684 5,946.84 44,601.30 Order Online
Polish Zloty 4.4687 446.87 3,351.53 Order Online
Qatar Riyals 4.2671 426.71 3,200.33 Order Online
Romanian Leu 4.8208 482.08 3,615.60 Order Online
Russian Rubles 76.7426 7,674.26 57,556.95 Order Online
Saudi Riyals 4.4043 440.43 3,303.23 Order Online
Singapore Dollars 1.6194 161.94 1,214.55 Order Online
South African Rand 17.0670 1,706.70 12,800.25 Order Online
South Korean Won 1299.74 129,974.00 974,805.00 Order Online
Swedish Krona 10.7862 1,078.62 8,089.65 Order Online
Swiss Francs 1.1973 119.73 897.98 Order Online
Taiwan Dollars 35.5243 3,552.43 26,643.23 Order Online
Thai Baht 38.6435 3,864.35 28,982.63 Order Online
Trinidad Dollars 7.6779 767.79 5,758.43 Order Online
Turkish Lira 6.3612 636.12 4,770.90 Order Online
United Arab Emirates Dirham 4.3939 439.39 3,295.43 Order Online
Vietnamese Dongs 26439 2,643,900.00 19,829,250.00 Order Online

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Better exchange rates may be available from other other UK suppliers. For a full comparison of today's best currency deals, see our latest travel money rates.

Buying Currency with Sainsburys

You can order your currency now at the rate shown above and pick it up from your local Sainsburys travel money branch at no extra charge, or get it delivered to your door. Sainsburys offer free home delivery for all travel money orders over £500 (orders under this amount incur a £4.99 delivery charge).

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  • Pay 0% commission on all orders.
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Sainsburys travel money reviews

Our customers have rated Sainsburys as Good with an average score of 3 / 5 based on 130 independent reviews. Read all customer reviews on our Sainsburys review page.


29th November 2018

Set one up today to collect in store. That all worked well. Couldn't issue second card in store - of course it was the systems fault. Then asked why I wanted it. Said for wife which apparently is not allowed (why else would you want a second card ) and sort of eluded to that being reason for non issue. Now awaiting refund 10-14 days but have waived cancellation fee. Look elsewhere as I will - when I get my money back!


15th October 2018

Pick up of the card great , using it great as long as you don't want to charge it up whilst abroad. Tried to do a money transfer which kept failing, was told it was my banks fault but i had already called them and they informed me it was the sainsbury side that was stopping it. The support stuff did not listen to what I was saying and finally told me the address on the account was wrong, considering the address was chosen via postcode I have no idea how this could happened. I was told to mail a utility bill to them once the lady actually understood I was miles away from home and could not go into a store. it would get fixed in 24 hours ,t's still not fixed and I will have to use my normal bank card. I will be cutting this card up, won't be using sainsbury for anything but my food shop in future.

How do Sainsburys's exchange rates compare in the high street?

We are currently comparing 2,448 exchange rates for 72 currencies from 34 UK travel money providers. This is how Sainsburys compare on some of the top currencies:

Currency Sainsburys Rate Top High Street Rate Compare Deals
Euros Euros 1.0781 1.0974 More Details
US Dollars US Dollars 1.2207 1.2421 More Details
Australian Dollars Australian Dollars 1.6769 1.7185 More Details
Canadian Dollars Canadian Dollars 1.6138 1.6585 More Details
Turkish Lira Turkish Lira 6.3612 7.0000 More Details

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