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China Currency Exchange Rates

The national currency of China is the Chinese Yuan, so if you are travelling to China you will need to take Chinese Yuan. Here are the top Pound to Chinese Yuan exchange rates from a wide range of UK suppliers which were last updated 3 minutes ago.

CNY Rate
£750 Buys
Customer Rating
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Rate: 8.4784
¥6,358.80inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.4455
¥6,334.13inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.4454
¥6,334.05inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.3245
¥6,243.38inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.3244
¥6,243.30inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.2950
¥6,221.25inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.2778
¥6,208.35inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.2520
¥6,189.00inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.2778
¥6,183.60inc. £2.99 delivery
Rate: 8.2662
¥6,158.73inc. £4.95 delivery
Rate: 8.1908
¥6,143.10inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.1649
¥6,123.68inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.1566
¥6,117.45inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.1556
¥6,116.70inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.1300
¥6,097.50inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.1147
¥6,086.03inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.1116
¥6,083.70inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.0535
¥6,040.13inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 8.0329
¥6,024.68inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 7.8201
¥5,865.08inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 7.8000
¥5,850.00inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 7.7998
¥5,849.85inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 7.7233
¥5,792.48inc. FREE delivery

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China Currency Information

China's currency has two names, the official name is the renminbi and was introduced in 1949 at the foundation of the Communist Peoples Republic. The name simply means 'the people's currency'.

Yuan is the name commonly referred to and is unit of the currency, so you would say something will cost 5 yuan or 25 yuan not 5 renminbi or 25 renminbi. It is similar to the way we call our currency 'pound sterling' so you would say something costs 10 pound not 10 sterling.

The word Yuan actually goes back much further than renminbi. It means dollar, and refers to the old silver dollars or pieces of eight used by the European merchants during the middle ages.

China Travel Information

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