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Portugal Currency Exchange Rates

If you are planning to visit Portugal then you will need the euro currency. Below you will find the best pound to euro exchange rates which were updated 1 minute ago directly from the top UK foreign exchange companies including well known high street brands.

EUR Rate
£750 Buys
Customer Rating
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Rate: 1.1276
845.70inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1270
845.25inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1321
843.47inc. £4.95 delivery
Rate: 1.1244
843.30inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1243
843.23inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1238
842.85inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1234
842.55inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1223
841.73inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1206
840.45inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1202
840.15inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1200
840.00inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1175
838.13inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1173
837.98inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1170
837.75inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1170
837.75inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1170
837.75inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1154
836.55inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1152
836.40inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1147
836.03inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1120
834.00inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1102
832.65inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1164
831.77inc. £4.95 delivery
Rate: 1.1062
829.65inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1000
825.00inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.0977
823.28inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.0754
806.55inc. FREE delivery

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To order, just choose how much you would like to convert from pounds to the euro and our travel money comparison table will list the best exchange rates. For more information including reviews, click on a company logo.

You can order online for delivery to your home address and some suppliers allow you to order online and pick up at a branch near you. For euro click and collect comparisons visit our euro page and enter your postcode.

Portugal Currency Information

Prior to Portugal adopting the Euro on 1st January 1999 the main currency was the Portuguese escudo (PTE). This was sub-divided into 100 centavos. This currency ran alongside the Euro until it was withdrawn from circulation on 28th February 2002.

The escudo was introduced in 1911 after the 1910 republican revolution to replace the real. At the time the exchange rate was set at 1000 reals to 1 escudo. In 1914 the value of the escudo was set at 108.25 PTE = 1.00 GBP sterling and in 1931 changed to 110.00 PTE to 1.00 GBP.

In 1940 after further devaluation a new rate was set at 27.50 PTE = 1.00 US dollar but inflation in the 20th century eroded the value further and smaller denominations of centavos became effectively worthless and were withdrawn from circulation in the 1990's. When Portugal entered the Eurozone the conversion rate was set at 200.482 PTE = 1.00 EUR.

Portugal Travel Information

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