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Prague Currency Exchange Rates

The national currency of Prague is the Czech Koruna, so if you are travelling to Prague you will need to take Czech Koruna. Here are the top Pound to Czech Koruna exchange rates from a wide range of UK suppliers which were last updated 1 minute ago.

CZK Rate
£750 Buys
Customer Rating
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Rate: 28.8393
21,629.48inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 28.8393
21,629.48inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 28.8262
21,619.65inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 28.7821
21,586.58inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 28.7043
21,528.23inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 28.8910
21,525.24inc. £4.95 delivery
Rate: 28.6937
21,520.28inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 28.7228
21,456.22inc. £2.99 delivery
Rate: 28.5697
21,427.28inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 28.5641
21,423.08inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 28.6796
21,367.74inc. £4.95 delivery
Rate: 28.2747
21,206.03inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 28.2700
21,202.50inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 28.2400
21,180.00inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 28.1569
21,117.68inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 28.0970
21,072.75inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 28.0944
21,070.80inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 27.7552
20,816.40inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 27.6585
20,743.88inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 27.4505
20,587.88inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 27.4382
20,578.65inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 26.8168
20,112.60inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 26.6210
19,965.75inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 26.6200
19,965.00inc. FREE delivery

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Prague Currency Information

Prague is the largest city and the capital of the Czech Republic.

It is the 14th largest city in the European Union and is a popular destination for travellers. The currency is the Czech Koruna, and although it has been sub-divided into 100 haléře, the lowest unit of currency is now 1Kč

As part of the European Union the Czech Republic planned to adopt the euro as a currency in 2010 but this has been suspended indefinitely due to opposition from the Czech population.

Prague Travel Information

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