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Spain Currency Exchange Rates

The national currency of Spain is the Euro, so if you are travelling to Spain you will need to take Euros. Here are the top Pound to Euro exchange rates from a wide range of UK suppliers which were last updated 3 minutes ago.

EUR Rate
£750 Buys
Customer Rating
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Rate: 1.1291
846.83inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1290
846.75inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1279
845.93inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1275
845.63inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1348
845.48inc. £4.95 delivery
Rate: 1.1273
845.48inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1263
844.73inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1262
844.65inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1259
844.43inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1235
842.63inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1228
842.10inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1226
841.95inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1225
841.88inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1210
840.75inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1190
839.25inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1186
838.95inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1176
838.20inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1160
837.00inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1222
836.10inc. £4.95 delivery
Rate: 1.1147
836.03inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1130
834.75inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1124
834.30inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.1093
831.98inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.0901
817.58inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.0900
817.50inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 1.0776
808.20inc. FREE delivery

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Spain Currency Information

The euro is the official currency of Spain. Previously Spanish currency had been the Peseta and although this was replaced by the euro on currency boards in 1999, euro notes and coins did not come into circulation until January 2002.

The peseta lost it's status as a legal tender in Spain and also in Andorra, on March 1st 2002.

Spain now shares it's currency with 18 other countries out of the 28 member states of the European Union. After the US dollar it is the most traded currency on foreign exchange markets and by far the most purchased currency by travellers in the UK.

Spain Travel Information

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