Exhange Rate History

Historical British pound exchange rate charts based on actual data from real UK currency suppliers

Currency Currency Pair Currency Pair
Euros GBP to EUR EUR to GBP
US dollars GBP to USD USD to GBP
Argentine pesos GBP to ARS ARS to GBP
Australian dollars GBP to AUD AUD to GBP
Bahamian dollars GBP to BSD BSD to GBP
Bahraini dinars GBP to BHD BHD to GBP
Bangladeshi taka GBP to BDT BDT to GBP
Barbados dollars GBP to BBD BBD to GBP
Bermudian dollars GBP to BMD BMD to GBP
Brazilian reals GBP to BRL BRL to GBP
Brunei dollars GBP to BND BND to GBP
Bulgarian lev GBP to BGN BGN to GBP
Canadian dollars GBP to CAD CAD to GBP
Cayman Isles dollars GBP to KYD KYD to GBP
Central Pacific francs GBP to XPF XPF to GBP
Chilean pesos GBP to CLP CLP to GBP
Chinese yuan GBP to CNY CNY to GBP
Colombian pesos GBP to COP COP to GBP
Costa Rica colons GBP to CRC CRC to GBP
Croatian kuna GBP to HRK HRK to GBP
Czech koruna GBP to CZK CZK to GBP
Danish krone GBP to DKK DKK to GBP
Dominican pesos GBP to DOP DOP to GBP
E. Caribbean dollars GBP to XCD XCD to GBP
Egyptian pounds GBP to EGP EGP to GBP
Fiji dollars GBP to FJD FJD to GBP
Gambian dalasi GBP to GMD GMD to GBP
Guatemalan quetzales GBP to GTQ GTQ to GBP
Hong Kong dollars GBP to HKD HKD to GBP
Hungarian forints GBP to HUF HUF to GBP
Icelandic krona GBP to ISK ISK to GBP
Indian rupees GBP to INR INR to GBP
Indonesian rupiahs GBP to IDR IDR to GBP
Israeli shekels GBP to ILS ILS to GBP
Jamaican dollars GBP to JMD JMD to GBP
Japanese yen GBP to JPY JPY to GBP
Jordanian dinars GBP to JOD JOD to GBP
Kenyan shillings GBP to KES KES to GBP
Kuwaiti dinars GBP to KWD KWD to GBP
Lebanese pounds GBP to LBP LBP to GBP
Malaysian ringgits GBP to MYR MYR to GBP
Mauritian rupees GBP to MUR MUR to GBP
Mexican pesos GBP to MXN MXN to GBP
Namibian dollars GBP to NAD NAD to GBP
New Zealand dollars GBP to NZD NZD to GBP
Norwegian krone GBP to NOK NOK to GBP
Omani rials GBP to OMR OMR to GBP
Pakistani rupees GBP to PKR PKR to GBP
Peruvian nuevo sol GBP to PEN PEN to GBP
Philippine pesos GBP to PHP PHP to GBP
Polish zloty GBP to PLN PLN to GBP
Qatar riyals GBP to QAR QAR to GBP
Romanian leu GBP to RON RON to GBP
Russian rubles GBP to RUB RUB to GBP
Saudi riyals GBP to SAR SAR to GBP
Singapore dollars GBP to SGD SGD to GBP
South African rand GBP to ZAR ZAR to GBP
South Korean won GBP to KRW KRW to GBP
Sri Lankan rupees GBP to LKR LKR to GBP
Swedish krona GBP to SEK SEK to GBP
Swiss francs GBP to CHF CHF to GBP
Taiwan dollars GBP to TWD TWD to GBP
Thai baht GBP to THB THB to GBP
Trinidad dollars GBP to TTD TTD to GBP
Turkish lira GBP to TRY TRY to GBP
UAE dirham GBP to AED AED to GBP
Uruguayan pesos GBP to UYU UYU to GBP
Vietnamese dongs GBP to VND VND to GBP

If you're thinking of buying or selling currency it can be useful to know how good today's exchange rates are compared to the past. There are many sources of exchange rate data on the Internet but they almost exclusively show 'interbank' exchange rates which are used by banks and currency traders to move large volumes of currency and are not available to most customers. Whilst these rates can give you an idea of how the rates have changed over time, they are not a useful comparison of today's rates because they are always better than the rates available on the high street.

Our historical currency graphs are different because they are based on real data - we show you the actual rates that currency could be bought at in the high street on any given day so you can see exactly how today's rates compare to the past without any calculations or guess work.