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Euro Exchange Rate History Graphs

Whether you're buying or selling Euros it's always useful to see how the Euro rate has changed over time so you can put the current rate into context and decide if now is a good time to place your order. Unfortunately most historical Euro graphs are not based on actual high street data but instead show the inflated interbank rates which are not available to the general public. Our historical Euro graphs are different because we plot the actual exchange rates that Euros can be bought or sold at in the UK and are indicative of what you could have received if you ordered on the day.

We show two sets of data below. The first is the historical rate for Euro travel money which is the rate you would receive if you bought Euros. The second is the historical Euro buy back rate which is the rate you would receive if you sold Euros.

Buying Euros - Historical Exchange Rates

From to

High: 1.1475 Low: 1.0641 Source:

Between 22nd May 2017 and 21st June 2018 the Euro rate decreased by 1.12% from 1.1420 to 1.1292. During this period the highest rate recorded was 1.1475 on 16th April 2018 and the lowest was 1.0641 on 29th August 2017. Today's best Euro rate is currently 1.1292.

Selling Euros - Historical Exchange Rates

From to

High: 1.1632 Low: 1.0820 Source:

From 22nd May 2017 to 21st June 2018 the Euro buy back rate fell by 1.14% from 1.1599 to 1.1467. During this period the best date to sell Euros was on 29th August 2017 when the buy back rate reached a low of 1.0820 and the worst time to sell was on 16th April 2018 when the buy back rate hit 1.1632. Today's best Euro buy back rate is 1.1467.

About this data

This data is complied by Compare Holiday Money and is based on the highest and lowest exchange rates recorded every day at midnight from our UK currency affiliates. You may use this data for any purpose provided you quote as the source. We also provide custom exchange rate data in a wide variety of formats and we can provide topical commentary if required. Please contact us for more information.

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