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eurochange Currency Exchange Rates

Check today's latest eurochange currency exchange rates for 62 major world currencies that are in stock now. These rates were last updated 35 minutes ago and refer to eurochange's online rates - you may get a lower rate if you walk in off the street without ordering online first. You can order your currency now at the rate below and pick it up from your local eurochange Travel Money branch at no extra charge, or get it delivered to your door.

Better exchange rates may be available from other other UK suppliers. For a full comparison of today's best currency deals, see our latest travel money rates.

Latest eurochange Travel Money Rates

Currency Exchange Rate £100 Buys £750 Buys Buy Now
Euros 1.1071 110.71 830.33 Order Online
US Dollars 1.3553 135.53 1,016.48 Order Online
Australian Dollars 1.6853 168.53 1,263.98 Order Online
Bahraini Dinars 0.4917 49.17 368.78 Order Online
Bangladeshi Taka 101.170 10,117.00 75,877.50 Order Online
Bermudian Dollars 1.2573 125.73 942.98 Order Online
Brazilian Reals 4.0889 408.89 3,066.68 Order Online
Bulgarian Lev 2.0670 206.70 1,550.25 Order Online
Canadian Dollars 1.6570 165.70 1,242.75 Order Online
Cayman Islands Dollars 0.9991 99.91 749.33 Order Online
Chilean Pesos 758.866 75,886.60 569,149.50 Order Online
Chinese Yuan 8.2700 827.00 6,202.50 Order Online
Croatian Kuna 7.9600 796.00 5,970.00 Order Online
Czech Koruna 27.3700 2,737.00 20,527.50 Order Online
Danish Krone 7.9900 799.00 5,992.50 Order Online
Dominican Pesos 62.3400 6,234.00 46,755.00 Order Online
East Caribbean Dollars 3.4560 345.60 2,592.00 Order Online
Egyptian Pounds 21.2800 2,128.00 15,960.00 Order Online
Fiji Dollars 2.5630 256.30 1,922.25 Order Online
Hong Kong Dollars 10.2400 1,024.00 7,680.00 Order Online
Hungarian Forints 326.700 32,670.00 245,025.00 Order Online
Icelandic Krona 132.300 13,230.00 99,225.00 Order Online
Indonesian Rupiahs 16797 1,679,700.00 12,597,750.00 Order Online
Israeli Shekels 4.3760 437.60 3,282.00 Order Online
Jamaican Dollars 159.300 15,930.00 119,475.00 Order Online
Japanese Yen 145.300 14,530.00 108,975.00 Order Online
Jordanian Dinars 0.9210 92.10 690.75 Order Online
Kenyan Shillings 132.400 13,240.00 99,300.00 Order Online
Malaysian Ringgits 5.1060 510.60 3,829.50 Order Online
Mauritian Rupees 42.1300 4,213.00 31,597.50 Order Online
Mexican Pesos 24.6500 2,465.00 18,487.50 Order Online
Moroccan Dirham 10.3380 1,033.80 7,753.50 Order Online
New Zealand Dollars 1.8320 183.20 1,374.00 Order Online
Norwegian Krone 10.4500 1,045.00 7,837.50 Order Online
Omani Rials 0.5032 50.32 377.40 Order Online
Peruvian Nuevo Sol 4.0610 406.10 3,045.75 Order Online
Philippine Pesos 62.8700 6,287.00 47,152.50 Order Online
Polish Zloty 4.5200 452.00 3,390.00 Order Online
Romanian Leu 4.8540 485.40 3,640.50 Order Online
Russian Rubles 72.0400 7,204.00 54,030.00 Order Online
Saudi Riyals 4.9360 493.60 3,702.00 Order Online
Singapore Dollars 1.7360 173.60 1,302.00 Order Online
South African Rand 16.2900 1,629.00 12,217.50 Order Online
South Korean Won 1364.00 136,400.00 1,023,000.00 Order Online
Swedish Krona 10.5700 1,057.00 7,927.50 Order Online
Swiss Francs 1.2812 128.12 960.90 Order Online
Taiwan Dollars 36.7700 3,677.00 27,577.50 Order Online
Thai Baht 41.3900 4,139.00 31,042.50 Order Online
Trinidad Dollars 8.7100 871.00 6,532.50 Order Online
Turkish Lira 5.0700 507.00 3,802.50 Order Online
United Arab Emirates Dirham 4.8610 486.10 3,645.75 Order Online
Uruguayan Pesos 35.1280 3,512.80 26,346.00 Order Online
Vietnamese Dongs 28195 2,819,500.00 21,146,250.00 Order Online

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Buying Currency with eurochange

Nobody knows foreign exchange better than eurochange, with over 40 years' experience of selling and buying travel money. So whether you need to buy or sell euros, dollars or any of over 62 currencies we make it easy, in branch, online or over the phone.

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  • Compare and buy 62 currencies online or in-store.
  • Click and collect available to guarantee online rates.
  • Get FREE Next Day delivery on orders over £400.
  • Pay 0% commission on all orders.
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eurochange reviews

Our customers have rated eurochange as Very Good with an average score of 4.5 / 5 based on 73 reviews. To read more reviews, please see our eurochange review page.



Excellent mix of notes and arrived next day as promised


5th January 2018

Having checked last week that we were able to order specific denominations of Mexican Pesos, once ordered and paid for yesterday we were contacted by phone to advise that you could not supply the 20MP denominations as you don’t stock them. My husband said that would have to do then as he did not see what else he could say. As we were still in the same shopping centre we returned to the branch and told them we wished to cancel the transaction. Despite having easily debited the money from our debit card, we were told that it could not be re-credited in the same way. Apparently a form has to be completed and sent to Head Office and it will be between 3-5 working days before we can expect to receive our money back! This is not acceptable. Having checked with other currency exchange outlets, normal policy is that you do not have to pay until you receive the currency. Had this been the case with your operation, then we would have received the correct notes, or not be out of funds.

How do eurochange's exchange rates compare in the high street?

We are currently comparing 2,044 exchange rates for 73 currencies from 28 UK travel money providers. This is how eurochange compare on some of the top currencies:

Currency eurochange Rate Top High Street Rate Compare Deals
Euros Euros 1.1071 1.1122 More Details
US Dollars US Dollars 1.3553 1.3644 More Details
Australian Dollars Australian Dollars 1.6853 1.7087 More Details
Canadian Dollars Canadian Dollars 1.6570 1.6875 More Details
Turkish Lira Turkish Lira 5.0700 5.1000 More Details

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