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Marks and Spencer Currency Exchange Rates

Check today's latest Marks and Spencer currency exchange rates for 34 major world currencies that are in stock now. These rates were last updated 10 minutes ago and refer to Marks and Spencer's online rates - you may get a lower rate if you walk in off the street without ordering online first. You can order your currency now at the rate below and pick it up from your local M&S Travel Money branch at no extra charge, or get it delivered to your door.

Better exchange rates may be available from other other UK suppliers. For a full comparison of today's best currency deals, see our latest travel money rates.

Latest M&S Bank Travel Money Rates

Currency Exchange Rate £100 Buys £750 Buys Buy Now
Euros 1.1013 110.13 825.98 Order Online
US Dollars 1.2018 120.18 901.35 Order Online
Australian Dollars 1.5555 155.55 1,166.63 Order Online
Bahraini Dinars 0.4389 43.89 329.18 Order Online
Barbados Dollars 2.2890 228.90 1,716.75 Order Online
Brazilian Reals 3.5288 352.88 2,646.60 Order Online
Bulgarian Lev 2.0852 208.52 1,563.90 Order Online
Canadian Dollars 1.5806 158.06 1,185.45 Order Online
Chilean Pesos 747.364 74,736.40 560,523.00 Order Online
Chinese Yuan 7.8823 788.23 5,911.73 Order Online
Croatian Kuna 7.9069 790.69 5,930.18 Order Online
Czech Koruna 28.8172 2,881.72 21,612.90 Order Online
Danish Krone 8.0158 801.58 6,011.85 Order Online
Dominican Pesos 53.7685 5,376.85 40,326.38 Order Online
East Caribbean Dollars 3.0827 308.27 2,312.03 Order Online
Fiji Dollars 2.3476 234.76 1,760.70 Order Online
Hong Kong Dollars 9.0323 903.23 6,774.23 Order Online
Hungarian Forints 329.701 32,970.10 247,275.75 Order Online
Japanese Yen 129.651 12,965.10 97,238.25 Order Online
Jordanian Dinars 0.8213 82.13 615.98 Order Online
Kenyan Shillings 117.826 11,782.60 88,369.50 Order Online
Kuwaiti Dinars 0.3541 35.41 265.58 Order Online
New Zealand Dollars 1.6594 165.94 1,244.55 Order Online
Norwegian Krone 9.9019 990.19 7,426.43 Order Online
Philippine Pesos 55.4236 5,542.36 41,567.70 Order Online
Polish Zloty 4.5369 453.69 3,402.68 Order Online
Russian Rubles 64.5849 6,458.49 48,438.68 Order Online
Singapore Dollars 1.6244 162.44 1,218.30 Order Online
South African Rand 15.3008 1,530.08 11,475.60 Order Online
Trinidad Dollars 7.6832 768.32 5,762.40 Order Online
Turkish Lira 4.2509 425.09 3,188.18 Order Online

Buying Currency with Marks and Spencer

M&S Bank provide travel money in over 120 branches across the UK (find your nearest M&S Bureau de Change here); simply order your currency online and pick it up from your nearest travel money branch, or get it delivered to your door for free (a £5 delivery charge applies for orders under £500).

Marks and Spencer Bureau de Change

  • Compare and buy 34 currencies online or in-store.
  • M&S Cardholders benefit from enhanced rates.
  • Get FREE Next Day delivery on orders over £500.
  • Currency buy back service available for left-over travel money.
Visit the M&S Bank Website
Marks and Spencer Bureau de Change

How do M&S exchange rates compare in the high street?

We are currently comparing 1,850 exchange rates for 74 currencies from 25 UK travel money providers. Here is how Marks and Spencer compare on some of the top currencies:

Currency M&S Rate Top High Street Rate Compare Deals
Euros Euros 1.1013 1.1430 More Details
US Dollars US Dollars 1.2018 1.2280 More Details
Australian Dollars Australian Dollars 1.5555 1.6030 More Details
Canadian Dollars Canadian Dollars 1.5806 1.6390 More Details
Turkish Lira Turkish Lira 4.2509 4.4820 More Details

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