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Post Office Currency Exchange Rates

Check today's latest Post Office exchange rates for 75 major world currencies that are in stock now. These rates were last updated 14 minutes ago and refer to the Post Office's online rates - you may get a lower rate if you walk in off the street without ordering in advance first (see: online vs. in-store rates). You can order your currency now at the rate below and pick it up from your local Post Office branch at no extra charge.

Post Office Travel Money Rates

Currency Exchange Rate £750 Buys Order Online
Euros 1.2843 963.23 EUR Buy Now
US Dollars 1.4297 1,072.28 USD Buy Now
Australian Dollars 1.9616 1,471.20 AUD Buy Now
Bahraini Dinars 0.5186 388.95 BHD Buy Now
Barbados Dollars 2.6852 2,013.90 BBD Buy Now
Brazilian Reals 4.7822 3,586.65 BRL Buy Now
Bulgarian Lev 2.4068 1,805.10 BGN Buy Now
Canadian Dollars 1.8230 1,367.25 CAD Buy Now
Chilean Pesos 908.650 681,487.50 CLP Buy Now
Chinese Yuan 8.8735 6,655.13 CNY Buy Now
Costa Rica Colons 689.327 516,995.25 CRC Buy Now
Croatian Kuna 9.2092 6,906.90 HRK Buy Now
Czech Koruna 32.9653 24,723.98 CZK Buy Now
Danish Krone 9.2397 6,929.78 DKK Buy Now
Dominican Pesos 61.5977 46,198.28 DOP Buy Now
East Caribbean Dollars 3.6184 2,713.80 XCD Buy Now
Egyptian Pounds 11.6184 8,713.80 EGP Buy Now
Fiji Dollars 2.8292 2,121.90 FJD Buy Now
Hong Kong Dollars 10.6265 7,969.88 HKD Buy Now
Hungarian Forints 384.018 288,013.50 HUF Buy Now
Icelandic Krona 164.622 123,466.50 ISK Buy Now
Indonesian Rupiahs 18067 13,550,250.00 IDR Buy Now
Israeli Shekels 5.2193 3,914.48 ILS Buy Now
Jamaican Dollars 168.091 126,068.25 JMD Buy Now
Japanese Yen 151.771 113,828.25 JPY Buy Now
Jordanian Dinars 0.9631 722.33 JOD Buy Now
Kenyan Shillings 135.529 101,646.75 KES Buy Now
Malaysian Ringgits 5.5356 4,151.70 MYR Buy Now
Mauritian Rupees 47.5156 35,636.70 MUR Buy Now
Mexican Pesos 25.3136 18,985.20 MXN Buy Now
New Zealand Dollars 2.0918 1,568.85 NZD Buy Now
Norwegian Krone 11.6243 8,718.23 NOK Buy Now
Omani Rials 0.5250 393.75 OMR Buy Now
Peruvian Nuevo Sol 4.4685 3,351.38 PEN Buy Now
Philippine Pesos 62.3661 46,774.58 PHP Buy Now
Polish Zloty 5.4179 4,063.43 PLN Buy Now
Qatar Riyals 4.9940 3,745.50 QAR Buy Now
Romanian Leu 5.4571 4,092.83 RON Buy Now
Russian Rubles 89.6076 67,205.70 RUB Buy Now
Saudi Riyals 5.1619 3,871.43 SAR Buy Now
Singapore Dollars 1.8900 1,417.50 SGD Buy Now
South African Rand 21.8398 16,379.85 ZAR Buy Now
South Korean Won 1583.73 1,187,797.50 KRW Buy Now
Swedish Krona 11.5275 8,645.63 SEK Buy Now
Swiss Francs 1.3960 1,047.00 CHF Buy Now
Taiwan Dollars 43.8840 32,913.00 TWD Buy Now
Thai Baht 48.8471 36,635.33 THB Buy Now
Trinidad Dollars 8.9364 6,702.30 TTD Buy Now
Turkish Lira 4.0987 3,074.03 TRY Buy Now
Ukrainian Hryvnia 33.4555 25,091.63 UAH Buy Now
United Arab Emirates Dirham 5.1111 3,833.33 AED Buy Now
Vietnamese Dongs 29265 21,948,750.00 VND Buy Now

These may not be the best exchange rates on offer right now. Click here to compare the best exchange rates from dozens of leading UK currency suppliers.

Buying Currency with the Post Office

For the past seven years the Post Office have been voted "Best Foreign Exchange Provider" at the British Travel Awards. If you're looking to buy currency from a well-known high street brand then you can't go wrong with the Post Office as they offer travel money and holiday extras to suit any requirements.

Online or in-store: which is better?

Ordering online is almost always better for the simple reason that there are less overheads to cover when the sale is carried out over the internet. This means it costs the Post Office less to process your order, and as a result these savings are passed directly on to you. Also, individual Post Office branches are allowed to set their own daily exchange rates which are never as good as the rates that appear on their website (we've listed them in the table above) so you will always get a better deal if you order online.

Luckily you can buy your travel money online through the Post Office website and have your currency delivered to your local branch where you can pick it up for free at your convenience. This means you can order and pay on the Post Office's website, receive the better online exchange rate and still pick your currency up from your local branch at no extra cost. We always recommend our visitors compare the best exchange rates first, but if you definitely want to go with the Post Office then make sure you order online through the Post Office website.

Free Next Day delivery

When buying currency at the Post Office you can place your order up to five days in advance for free Next Day delivery to your local Post Office for in-branch collection or to your home if you order before 3pm on a working day. A Saturday delivery service is also available for a small charge. We advise you to order your travel money as soon as possible to avoid any last minute delivery problems.

Post Office Click & Collect Travel Money

Like most retailers you can now Click & Collect your Post Office travel money via the Post Office website. When buying online the Post Office exchange rates improve with each multiple of £500 you buy; so £500-£999 will get you a certain rate, £1000-£1499 will get you an even better rate, £1500-£1999 will be even better still, and so on up to £2500. Note the minimum order with the Post Office is £400.

Latest Post Office Reviews

Our visitors have rated the Post Office 2.5 / 5 in 169 reviews. See below for the latest two reviews or read all Post Office reviews.

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