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Check today's latest currency exchange rates for 55 major world currencies that are in stock now at The Money Shop. These rates were last updated 55 minutes ago and refer to The Money Shop's online rates - you may get a lower rate if you walk in off the street without ordering online first. You can order your currency now at the rate below and pick it up from your local Money Shop branch at no extra charge, or get it delivered to your door.

Better exchange rates may be available from other other UK suppliers. For a full comparison of today's best currency deals, see our latest travel money rates.

Latest The Money Shop Travel Money Rates

Currency Exchange Rate £100 Buys £750 Buys Buy Now
Euros 1.1176 111.76 838.20 Order Online
US Dollars 1.3657 136.57 1,024.28 Order Online
Australian Dollars 1.7672 176.72 1,325.40 Order Online
Bahraini Dinars 0.4989 49.89 374.18 Order Online
Barbados Dollars 2.6452 264.52 1,983.90 Order Online
Bermudian Dollars 1.2541 125.41 940.58 Order Online
Brazilian Reals 4.5700 457.00 3,427.50 Order Online
Bulgarian Lev 2.1523 215.23 1,614.23 Order Online
Canadian Dollars 1.7255 172.55 1,294.13 Order Online
Cayman Islands Dollars 1.0856 108.56 814.20 Order Online
Chilean Pesos 798.067 79,806.70 598,550.25 Order Online
Chinese Yuan 8.3554 835.54 6,266.55 Order Online
Costa Rica Colons 745.513 74,551.30 559,134.75 Order Online
Croatian Kuna 8.1564 815.64 6,117.30 Order Online
Czech Koruna 27.8198 2,781.98 20,864.85 Order Online
Danish Krone 8.1536 815.36 6,115.20 Order Online
Dominican Pesos 66.0987 6,609.87 49,574.03 Order Online
East Caribbean Dollars 3.5744 357.44 2,680.80 Order Online
Fiji Dollars 2.6777 267.77 2,008.28 Order Online
Hong Kong Dollars 10.4928 1,049.28 7,869.60 Order Online
Hungarian Forints 341.520 34,152.00 256,140.00 Order Online
Icelandic Krona 134.726 13,472.60 101,044.50 Order Online
Israeli Shekels 4.7345 473.45 3,550.88 Order Online
Jamaican Dollars 165.638 16,563.80 124,228.50 Order Online
Japanese Yen 145.526 14,552.60 109,144.50 Order Online
Jordanian Dinars 0.9379 93.79 703.43 Order Online
Kenyan Shillings 132.184 13,218.40 99,138.00 Order Online
Kuwaiti Dinars 0.3977 39.77 298.28 Order Online
Mauritian Rupees 45.1488 4,514.88 33,861.60 Order Online
Mexican Pesos 25.4172 2,541.72 19,062.90 Order Online
New Zealand Dollars 1.8794 187.94 1,409.55 Order Online
Norwegian Krone 10.5339 1,053.39 7,900.43 Order Online
Omani Rials 0.5096 50.96 382.20 Order Online
Peruvian Nuevo Sol 4.2763 427.63 3,207.23 Order Online
Philippine Pesos 69.1897 6,918.97 51,892.28 Order Online
Polish Zloty 4.6230 462.30 3,467.25 Order Online
Qatar Riyals 4.8187 481.87 3,614.03 Order Online
Romanian Leu 5.1191 511.91 3,839.33 Order Online
Russian Rubles 82.6294 8,262.94 61,972.05 Order Online
Saudi Riyals 4.9642 496.42 3,723.15 Order Online
Singapore Dollars 1.7694 176.94 1,327.05 Order Online
South African Rand 16.5314 1,653.14 12,398.55 Order Online
South Korean Won 1424.58 142,458.00 1,068,435.00 Order Online
Swedish Krona 11.3723 1,137.23 8,529.23 Order Online
Swiss Francs 1.3139 131.39 985.43 Order Online
Taiwan Dollars 39.1948 3,919.48 29,396.10 Order Online
Thai Baht 42.2843 4,228.43 31,713.23 Order Online
Trinidad Dollars 8.9462 894.62 6,709.65 Order Online
Turkish Lira 5.4189 541.89 4,064.18 Order Online
United Arab Emirates Dirham 4.9387 493.87 3,704.03 Order Online

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At The Money Shop we have great rates on our Travel money all day, every day. Whatever your destination we’ve got it covered, and with over 50 different currencies available we’re hard to beat. There’s lots of choice at The Money Shop; you can buy your holiday money in-store, or you can have your currency delivered straight to your home.

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The Money Shop reviews

Our customers have rated The Money Shop as Very Good with an average score of 4 / 5 based on 17 reviews. To read more reviews, please see our The Money Shop review page.


18th April 2018

Although I have had euros from our local money shop instore before and received fantastic service every time this was our first time ordering online which for some reason didn't work so I phoned the helpline and a very nice very helpful lady took me through the order again. We were very nervous about giving our bank details etc. as it was for a large amount of Fiji dollars and although informed that they would be delivered to us the following day before 1 p.m we were still a little apprehensive. There was no need to be! :) We got an excellent exchange rate and they arrived with royal mail signed for with our usual postman the following morning! Thankyou money shop! We have just one very small criticism and that is the fact that although you take email addresses etc. we didn't recieve any form of confirmation and maybe it would be less nerve racking if perhaps you could do this for people?


16th April 2018

Arrived as expected. No problems at all.

How do The Money Shop's exchange rates compare in the high street?

We are currently comparing 2,400 exchange rates for 75 currencies from 32 UK travel money providers. This is how The Money Shop compare on some of the top currencies:

Currency The Money Shop Rate Top High Street Rate Compare Deals
Euros Euros 1.1176 1.1326 More Details
US Dollars US Dollars 1.3657 1.3872 More Details
Australian Dollars Australian Dollars 1.7672 1.8150 More Details
Canadian Dollars Canadian Dollars 1.7255 1.7687 More Details
Turkish Lira Turkish Lira 5.4189 5.5254 More Details

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