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Vijay Manek

12th April 2019

My connection flight was cancelled and I was 24 hours late because of rescheduling. I had to stay in a hotel. Only 19 pounds were given by the Direct Travel insurance company. It’s an insult. A terrible company.

  • I purchased a Single Trip policy for just me
  • The policy did not cover everything I needed
  • Claiming was not simple and straightforward
  • I would not recommend Direct Travel Insurance to others

Rosemary Sweeney

9th April 2019

Dealing with this company was a nightmare from start to calls and emails not replied to,claimed some emails not received.some reviews state website easy to use,of course it is.They are selling a product and want your money.From the medical assistance to the claims department they were totally useless.we were left with support when it was needed most,in hospital in a foreign country.The lack of compassion was breathtaking. I will be telling anyone I know looking for travel insurance to avoid them like the plague.A good review should also be based on treatment during the claims process,not how easy it is to buy a policy.We also submitted a lengthy complaint email to them 3 weeks ago and they still haven’t the courtesy to reply.

  • I would not recommend Direct Travel Insurance to others


22nd July 2013

Terrible... made a change to policy. Just found out it was never done. Kept on hold for sooooo long! Called asgain, was promised a call back - never happened! Admin nightmare - stay away - can u imagine if this was a claim, not just adding a name... Terrible company


11th June 2012

Avoid using this company like the plague unless you enjoy constantly having to chase them with phone calls and the very worst in customer service, they have left us distressed and frustrated when trying to return home from the States to the UK after I was taken I\'ll. Please people do yourself a favour and shop elsewhere I really can\'t put into words how poor they are.


15th April 2012

I bought insurance for Direct Travel Insurance last year for a holiday. After purchase I sent them an email asking to be removed from their auto-renewal database and received confirmation that I had been. I thankfully never had to use the insurance. Just recently I received a letter telling me my insurance had been automatically renewed (despite confirmation it wouldn\'t be). I had to phone up to request the policy be cancelled and my money refunded. This was easy enough but the fact remains I shouldn\'t have had to because I\'d opted out of the automatic renewal (as per their instructions). If you do buy from Direct Travel Insurance and opt out of auto renewal remember to double check you really have been!


31st August 2011

In May 2010 I arrived at Seville airport to find it closed due to volcanic ash all flights that day were cancelled and the forecast was worse for the following day. The Easyjet gave us tickets to Heathrow from Madrid for that evening. Madrid is more than 300 miles away so we had to take a taxi, trains and a metro to catch that evening\'s flight. We landed at Heathrow only 5 hours later than originally scheduled from Seville, but £1,000 out of pocket. After many phone calls, emails, letters and expense we have now been denied all compensation as we took off within 12 hours of the original time. They have ignored my letter asking for the return of receipts and so now we have no way of claiming from our airline. It is all pretty shabby do not expect any satisfaction from them.


29th August 2011

I have used Direct Travel Insurance (DTI) for the 5 years now and always received a great service. Due to a pre-existing medical condition I had to call to sort out my insurance, the staff have always been helpful. During our last holiday I needed to seek medical help due to a allergic reaction. DTI were great when we got back, simply printed off the claim form from the website filled it in, sent my recipts and got my money back in less than 3 weeks just minus the £50 excess on the policy. Would definately recommend DTI.

Mr A Turner

28th August 2011

I held annual insurance with Direct Travel Insurance for several years and never made a claim. My daughter then went backpacking in South America, so we took out cover for her. However after having her camera, phone and some money stolen I am no longer satisfied with Direct Travel. Despite these three items being stolen at the same time, under the same police report and incident, she was charged the excess twice! The appalling service company seems to have gone downhill since changing underwriter from AXA to AIG. Look closely at policy; they have included every exclusion possible and use every possible tactic not to pay.

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Direct Travel Insurance excels on excellent customer service, providing a range of cover to suit all individual budgets and needs. You can be confident in choosing us to insure your trip.

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