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19th November 2013

Not great. Easy taking the money but when I wanted to claim their underwriters were truly incompetent. Still fighting them 6 months later.

24th February 2012

I got an annual multi-trip with these guys. Great service and very easy to use+plus they have some nice competitions. No complaints from me.

20th February 2012

I got a backpacker insurance policy from them. They gave me 10% off and when I was a bit confused and used the pop up comment-on-the-website-type box, they got back to me and made things clear. I work in customer service now and that was good service!

20th February 2012

I bought a Backpackers Travel Insurance Policy from these guys and I must say I was very satisfied with their service. I had no problems getting hold of forms and they were easy to approach through their Twitter account @EssentialTravel when a few of my possessions went missing while on my travels and I needed to ask them questions regarding how to claim from them. I highly recommend them and thank them for the help I received from them when I needed it.

10th February 2012

I bought a single trip travel insurance from this company and never received any policy documents despite repeated efforts to get them. There was also no access to their website account - so I was left travelling wondering whether I was covered. Not recommended.

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Essential Travel is one of the UK's leading independent online travel essentials providers. They offer great value travel insurance that is quick and easy to book; alongside all the other extras that will make your holiday safer, cheaper and easier.

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