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insurewithease has insured over 550,000 UK travellers since they launched in 2007. Their focus is to provide customers with a choice of travel insurance cover that is quick and easy to buy online, enabling you to make an informed decision and choose the right cover for your holiday.

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Holly N

9 July 2018

9 July 2018

What a dreadful company. So many issues with the whole process it's hard to go into in detail. The misselling begins with the big companies/webisites who sell you badly worded policies which negate to mention factors they WILL NOT cover or negate to actually ask you any details about your particular trip. The only reason I purchased this insurance for the Scilly isles was due to any adverse weather (being advised by our hotel) it was only AFTER a 24 hour delay and multiple expenses and when I tried to claim that the company said I would have had to pay the EXTRA PREMIUM for anything related to weather. WHY NOT JUST GIVE CONSUMERS THIS OPTION CLEARLY DURING THE INITIAL SALES PROCESS??!?!?!?! Their claims handlers were sloppy in their paperwork not realising I was in the isles of SCILLY and told me that I was in ITALY which was very annoying and symptomatic of a 'don't give a toss' dreadful attitude to customer service and slap dash communications. I was left on hold every time for between 10 - 20 minutes and paperwork was incredibly slow to come back. All in all DREADFUL and I am not sure how these companies are allowed to keep selling/handling not fit for purpose insurance policies named with things like 'GOLD COVER PLUS'......A terrible industry just generally ripping off the customer.

Jason Simionato

20 February 2016

20 February 2016

Hopeless. I purchased the 'Platinum' cover. And lost my jacket. They told me I had to provide either a stolen item report, or a 'loss item' report from the police. How can I obtain a 'loss item' report. Absolute joke..


3 July 2014

3 July 2014

Avoid at all costs. Claimed for stolen luggage following an armed robbery which took place on my holiday. I had purchased platinum cover at a cost of £100, hopeful of receiving optimum service and the most extensive cover. Three months after making my claim, I've not received a penny; indeed, I have not been informed that the claim is accepted even in principle. I have submitted
Evidence from the police in South Africa where the incident occurred as well as receipts for as many items as I could and invoices etc for the part of the holiday I was forced to cancel (we flew home straight after). However, I am repeatedly fobbed off, ignored, threatened that an external investigator may be required to look at the claim (even though insure with ease uses a third party claims handler in any event) and told that they need 20 working days to consider documents which I have provided. Would not wish them upon my worst enemy; my fiancée paid £20 for her basic insurance with another well known company and received a payout within days as well as very sympathetic customer service given the ordeal we had been through!

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