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nathalie bodevin

15th December 2016

I bought the travel insurance for my Christmas trip to France (5 day trip). I rang JL travel insurance as they have announced a possible strike action by BA which might mean either horrible delays or cancellation of my flight. To start with the lady had no idea there was a strike going on. She told me that cancellations are only refunded I am the one who is unwell and have to cancel. If my flight gets cancelled or delayed that has nothing to do with them and if I wanted a refund I need to contact BA to get refund, they do not cover anything. I got the premium insurance.

    Ann Cook

    13th January 2014

    Looks to me that john Lewis is just the same with their travel insurance as they are with their house insurance. Tried to get some travel insurance, apparently don't want to know if you are over a certain age. I am 68 with no medical symptoms and don't take any kind of medication. Same with house insurance we had subsidence 23 years ago but it was also a no no. So john Lewis looks like you only want completely safe people.

    Chris Bacon

    28th August 2011

    I have never had to claim on my travel insurance before and I was very upset when our honeymoon had to be cancelled due to a pre-existing injury giving me trouble. The claim took about a month to process and they were easy to deal with and the claim was paid promptly, which was a massive relief at what was already a distressing time for us. I would be more than happy to recommend this travel insurance as it did what a travel insurance policy should do and covered me when the worst happened.

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    As part of the John Lewis Partnership, we believe that everything we do should be straightforward, great value and come with a reassuring extra level of service. At John Lewis Insurance (formerly Greenbee), we work with a panel of carefully chosen insurers to offer a full range of insurance products and services. These partners are as committed to delivering outstanding customer service as we are.

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