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Mervin Telford

29th March 2015

Worst card choice for pre paid option. Have literaly stolen my money. Customer care is non existant and based oversees with little or no empathy. Closed my account with my money in it with no logical explanation. £600.00 pounds apeared in my account for no reason and I did not touch it. Kalixa then froze my account and asked me for ID documents, bills, drivers licence, passport photo copies of all credit cards. Afer supplying them with all the documents they asked for and stating that I have always acted honestly and within the Kalixa rules and regulations etc they still closed my account and kept my money that was in my account befor the extra money appeared in my account. After reading other reviews recently this has happened on numerous occasions to other customers of Kalixa. At least give me back my money?

  • This was my first time using this supplier
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chris davies

18th January 2014

just back from aforementioned ski trip and have to report that these cards are faultless had the best exchange rate possible instant text updates so you know the cost and balance and not one problem at all with them I am about to get another one for my daughter and son in law well done Kalixa!!!


2nd December 2013

ordered card and paid up good email conversations card arrives as told it would loading easy on internet havnt used yet its for jan ski trip so watch this space only quirk I found with it you can only get a balance online not at atm machines

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Over the last twelve years Kalixa has evolved from being the internal payment department of their parent company to being a global specialist in digital payments. They offer competitive prepaid cards in a number of world currencies.

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