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Leftover Currency offer a free and unique online exchange service: they convert your leftover or out-of-circulation foreign currency to cash quickly and easiy. Unlike most other currency traders, they will even accept coins.

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5 StarsCurrency BuybackMoney Transfer

Sarah O'Brien

5 Stars
5 Stars

24 August 2022

Sold currency

24 August 2022

Unable to exchange Gibralter pounds at Bank, travel exchange or post office but Leftover exchanged the money. Fast and efficient thoroughly recommend. Yes they charge a commission but better than having the money mouldering in a drawer losing value.


Tom Weegar

5 Stars
5 Stars

1 December 2021

Sent money overseas

1 December 2021

Even though I was unsuccessful in having my currency converted by Leftover Currency, I had a very positive experience with their customer service overall. Please allow me to explain...

I originally contacted Leftover Currency about converting 18,600 Qatari Riyal to Canadian $$ (about $6,400 Canadian dollars). Regrettably, no national bank in Canada would convert the currency. LOC agreed they would convert the currency, so I couriered the currency to them in London, England. They confirmed when they received the currency, undertook their conversion calculation, and informed me (via email) that it would cost very close to 2,000 British Pounds to convert this currency. I expressed concern about the expense of this conversion, and they responded promptly and clearly that their rates were posted on their website (they were) and the reason Qatari Riyals were so expensive was because someone from their firm had to -- at some point -- travel to Qatar to convert the currency. I stated that I'd rather not pay the rather substantial conversion fees and asked them to courier my cash back to me, and I'd be happy to pay the courier charges. They agreed to courier it back to me immediately and they also offered to pick up the courier mailing charge (which they did). The currency arrived to my doorstep about five days later.

Yes, their conversion rates were a bit expensive for Qatari Riyals... more expensive than I was willing to accept. Nevertheless, their interactions with me were EXTREMELY professional, courteous, and clear at all times. I would have no hesitation in using this agency again for something other than Qatari currency.

(Post note: Since receiving my Qatari currency back from Leftover Currency, I couriered the currency to a former colleague who lives and works in Qatar and he will convert the QR to US dollars and send back to me electronically).

I would recommend Leftover Currency for your currency conversion needs (but do your due diligence and check-out their rates on their website).



5 Stars
5 Stars

20 July 2017

20 July 2017

Excellent. My money was converted and paid into my bank account in 3 working days.

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