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Forget hidden fees, unfair rates or excessive charges, Lyk makes holiday spending clear, simple and fair.

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Mr Dennis pearce

28 December 2019

Bought Canadian dollars

28 December 2019

I used my LYK card all over Canada for a month had no problem at all when we returned to uk changed it to English pounds no problem I think it is a very good card


9 November 2019

Bought £1,800 worth of US dollars

9 November 2019

Loved my card used it whilst in the USA for three weeks and used at home with no problems at all. No issues paying for anything. Thank you Lyk.


1 October 2019

Ordered a prepaid US dollar card

1 October 2019




19 August 2019

Ordered a prepaid Euro card

19 August 2019

Absolutely disgusting do not use this card. We took 300 euros out of a bank the bank was empty didn’t dispense money contacted them they needed copy of receipt to say didn’t get cash supplied this told me money back in same day. What a lie spoke to four different people can’t get money back till month later. That disgusting we need money no we on holiday that left us no money for last three days no money to get to airport with kids. Can’t get our breathe utterly disgusting told us to speak to atm machine company which we did they said can’t do anything has to be your bank. What a waste of time today prob cost us 300 in phone calls

I will never use this card again and we are taking it further with Thomas com when we get home... if we get home

Wendy Blount

1 January 2019

1 January 2019

So far so good. Have used Thomas Cook currency cards for many years with no problems. I was contacted promptly when our Euro card was cloned and criminals tried using in US I guess thinking it was a credit card. This multiple card is the replacement for our previous expired card. So far no problems. .

Andy Tobin

19 November 2018

19 November 2018

Do not get this card!! I tried using it at an airport and it was suspended due to ‘suspected fraud’. Despite calling them and passing the security questions, it took them over 24hrs to unfreeze it. Dreadful customer service and it doesn’t work at many ATMs

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