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Moneycorp have been providing currency services since 1979. Collection points are available in most major UK airports and the best rates are available if you reserve online and collect.

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1 Stars
1 Stars

26 October 2022

Didn't use the card during Covid lockdown, now the card is being withdrawn so I contacted Moneycorp to transfer my balance off the card, only to be told there's only 0.01 euros on it. I can only assume like others that a monthly fee has been deducted until the balance got to almost zero. Same thing happened to my partner. This company is a bunch of crooks. They should be shut down. I tried to give zero stars but couldn't.


S Norris

1 Stars
1 Stars

11 September 2022

I would not recommend this company. I've only given one star because no stars is not an option. I got a money corp explorer card a few years ago for travelling abroad. Exchange rate not the best but card worked ok. Has sat unused for the past couple of years due to covid and the inability to travel but now my balance has been wiped out by monthly inactivity fees. How can they justify this when it wasn't even possible to travel internationally? It seemed like a good idea at the time when I took out the card but now just seems an absolute rip off when you can get transaction free credit cards like Nationwide offer.



1 Stars
1 Stars

12 May 2022

I was talked into putting £50 on a currency card at the airport when I went to collect some money I had ordered. They told me that it was a good thing to have as a back up for emergencies but they did not say that if I didn’t use if (which I haven’t because of the pandemic) they would charge £3 a month until I had a zero balance.


Ian Dyer

1 Stars
1 Stars

22 April 2022

Inactivity fees over covid period meant nearly 70 pounds taken from the card when you couldnt even travel. Rip off fees for not using the card. Avoid



1 Stars
1 Stars

2 April 2022

Used the card once great success, however depended on this card for a family trip. It was an absolute disaster, contactless did not work, pin did not work. Could not pay for food, fuel or accommodation, very frustrating. Money shows on account. Be warned, this service will let you down and does not perform as sold, it is not as good as having cash.


Marshall Matthews

1 Stars
1 Stars

22 March 2022

Got the prepaid travel card at the airport in September and loaded money on. However, have not been able to register the card to be abler to load/transfer money. Have spent hours phonig the customer support team which is just a level 1 team. They keep promising to contact the team who can sort this but so frustrating. Still not resolved.



1 Stars
1 Stars

11 February 2022

I requested some Canadian dollar to go on holiday, and collected them at the airport.

The representative made a case and convinced me to have one of their prepaid card by saying that it was free and I could keep any currency left there for as long as I wanted. However, the prepaid card wasn't free, as after 12 months of not using the card, a £3 charge was deducted every month until the balance was fully depleted. I complained about the misleading information provided by their representative and for having been robbed, asking to have my money refunded back to me, but nothing.



1 Stars
1 Stars

3 February 2022

Money corp card is a joke. I had a card and was unable to top it up they

Supposedly tried to resolve the problem for a month and they never got it done. Countless emails and phone calls constantly cutting you off. The customer service is none existent. The final insult is when I asked for the money that was on the card to be transferred back to me there would be

A £6 charge to get my own money back despite a it being there fault. My advice there is not a barge pole long enough to trust this company.


Karl Naumann

1 Stars
1 Stars

26 December 2021

In activity fees - not clear these are charged - they hide them - no information given on them. Avoid!


Won’t let me use the app or reload card

2 Stars
2 Stars

22 October 2021

Bought the red explorer card 3 days ago at a London airport. Told I can reload the card abroad to save carrying euros. Seemed a good secure idea.

Well I’m in Lanzarote and desperately need euros. Wanted to top my card up. The website repeatedly crashes. Won’t let me log in atall

My website wifi is very fast and not had issues using internet since being here but what a joke this website is….keeps telling me try later.

I downloaded the app….put my log in details and accepted then comes up as please try later.

Called the customer services…on the line over 20 minutes…I’m told you need an actual computer to top the card up, can’t be done by smart phone. How many people on holiday actually have access to a desktop computer?

I ask if they can top my card up on their end…on hold 10 minutes to then be told they can’t help and I need to find a computer.

I’m stuck in Lanzarote with a 7 year old….desperately wanting to do things during the day and pay for our lunches and ice creams as I’m only half board…and I can’t use this card.

I was to totally sucked in at the airport when the said “it’s the best and safest way to spend in resort and top up euros as and when needed”

Very disappointed!

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