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Moneycorp have been providing currency services since 1979. Collection points are available in most major UK airports and the best rates are available if you reserve online and collect.

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Won’t let me use the app or reload card

2 Stars
2 Stars

22 October 2021

Bought the red explorer card 3 days ago at a London airport. Told I can reload the card abroad to save carrying euros. Seemed a good secure idea.

Well I’m in Lanzarote and desperately need euros. Wanted to top my card up. The website repeatedly crashes. Won’t let me log in atall

My website wifi is very fast and not had issues using internet since being here but what a joke this website is….keeps telling me try later.

I downloaded the app….put my log in details and accepted then comes up as please try later.

Called the customer services…on the line over 20 minutes…I’m told you need an actual computer to top the card up, can’t be done by smart phone. How many people on holiday actually have access to a desktop computer?

I ask if they can top my card up on their end…on hold 10 minutes to then be told they can’t help and I need to find a computer.

I’m stuck in Lanzarote with a 7 year old….desperately wanting to do things during the day and pay for our lunches and ice creams as I’m only half board…and I can’t use this card.

I was to totally sucked in at the airport when the said “it’s the best and safest way to spend in resort and top up euros as and when needed”

Very disappointed!


Mr p

1 Stars
1 Stars

11 October 2021

Ridiculous rate to change pounds to euros. Please make sure you change before the airport! It is so much worse than before, I think they are trying to recoup money after covid. They will no longer allow you to order it at a half decent rate so they just take advantage of you when you get to the airport. I got 1200 euros for nearly 1350 pounds. Outrageous!

Moneycorp replied

Thank you for your review, and I'm sorry you were unhappy with your transaction. No changes have been made to pricing post pandemic. If you can email your concerns and a copy of your receipt to we will investigate fully.

Kind Regards

The Travel Money Team.



1 Stars
1 Stars

6 April 2021

Complete joke. They have been taking a monthly inactivity fee from me since Jan 2021 and only emailed me to let me know in March asking me to check my transactions. Refused to refund even though the explorer card itself expired in Dec 2019. Zero correspondence regarding the card expiring and clearly no travel in a global pandemic to require the card. I closed my account there and then. There has to be better companies out there!



2 Stars
2 Stars

12 August 2020

Moneycorp itself is ok. I haven't had too many issues with them BUT explorer card is awful. First suspended by the FCA now they are replace my card at this time and to get that answer took 7 calls where I was hung up on repeatedly. Terrible company unreliable



1 Stars
1 Stars

16 July 2020

Withdrew €200 from an ATM in Spain using my Moneycorp card. When checking my statement I discovered that the same amount had been withdrawn in 9 other currencies. This is obviously impossible to do. I phoned Moneycorp and emailed them and got the usual runaround.

Call centre staff barely speak English and always have to refer to a manager and that is when the line goes dead. Very very frustrating and utterly hopeless.

Still not sorted. Won’t be using my card ever again.



1 Stars
1 Stars

11 July 2020

Used them for few years but they then made a payment for me to a scam account. Whilst it is up to you to give them the details of the payee they make zero checks on a new payee & the guy that took the instruction made no comments on whether I should check the payee Or make a trial payment , even though I told him the receiver changed their account due to factoring. So beware if you do a transaction with them that is a scam you have NO comebacks. To me that’s naive & unprofessional & I would not use them again. Be warned it’s at your own risk every time!



1 Stars
1 Stars

29 June 2020

I've been using moneycorpcard for a while now and from Friday 26 June 2020 I noticed the card no longer worked. Today I called them and I was told that they are being investigated by the FCA and all accounts are frozen and I can't get my money out!! It's effectively the begining of the month and I'm in Italy where I need the money for the month of July and they have just told me I can't have it. Great! So much for 5 stars. Now my battle begins! STAY AWAY!!!



1 Stars
1 Stars

29 June 2020

All moneycorp explorer cards frozen as connected in the wirecard 'problem'. No possibility to close my account and get my money back, not possible to look at transactions etc. online.


C. Brooks

1 Stars
1 Stars

17 April 2020

I’d give minus 1 if possible! Moneywort blocked my card 2 months ago. Despite 15 attempts to get it sorted and unblocked, I still have no access to my money. My own money! I had money added to the card whilst I was travelling and moneycorp blocked the card despite me speaking to them 15 times, emailing 29 times. Emails go unanswered or you get a standard reply. Moneycorp traveller card needs avoiding. They fraudulently keep your money and hope you will forget about it.

Moneycorp replied


Sorry to hear this, please feel free to email us at so our customer service team can look into it for you.

The Travel Money team



1 Stars
1 Stars

10 March 2020

In a rush at the airport and changed £400 into Euros. High Street price would have got me Euros of 456. Money Corp gave 320!!! Disgusting. Yes I should have clocked on. I knew I would pay more but come on! Please do not cut and paste the same answer everyone gets about your costs. No one believes it. You are charlatans.

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