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8th February 2012

good service but very poor exchange rate.

8th October 2011

Ordered on Tuesday and came on the Wednesday although I asked for them not to send until the Friday so I could personally receive on the Saturday. Still a good service and although they gave me a few 50 euro notes, there were some other variations.

27th September 2011

Very Good service , Very quick and recived them the next day before 12 midday !! Would Definately recommend !

24th September 2011

I do recommend ONLINE/FX to every body great foreign exchange rates and fast delivery on the day you have chosen.

21st September 2011

Great Rate. Great Service. Nuff Said. A.

10th September 2011

Great rate, next day delivery & payment by debit card, what else could be better.

4th September 2011

Very good service. Cash turned up next day in the denominations I asked for. This company also took payment by debit card which I like. Thanks Online FX!

20th August 2011

I placed the order on Thursday evening and currency was delivered as promised on Saturday morning by my regular postman who needed my signature. Excellent exchange rate. Can not fault service.

12th August 2011

Fantastic service. Exhange rates were great and money was delivered before 9 a.m the next day. Would not hesitate in using Online FX again and recommend to my freinds and family. A 5 * service. Thank you.

3rd August 2011

Easy to order and arrived when promised. Excellent service, I will definately use them again

23rd July 2011

Excellent service. Great rate and quick delivery.

17th July 2011

bit worried on ordering online after the currencys direct fiasco,need not of worried as ordered on the Thurs 3.30pm and got them first thing saturday, great service, thanks

5th July 2011

Excellent service - next day delivery. My Euro's arrived in denominations that I had asked for. Will defintley use again.

28th June 2011

Excellent service, very efficient and top rates. Cash was delivered to my place of work so now my colleagues are using Online FX.

19th June 2011

Used for euros, excellent service I will use in the Summer.

11th June 2011

Ordered Friday the 10th arrived following Saturday morning. Highly Recommended.

11th May 2011

Brilliant service,cash arrived next morning at 7.45.Will be back.

18th January 2011

Very happy with the service, has many exotic currencies that other companies dont offer. Will use again on my next voyage :).

18th November 2010

Fantastic Service! It arrived safely and I will definitely be using you again. Many thanks.

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OnlineFX International money transfers are a convenient, secure and cost effective way to transfer money to bank accounts for US Dollars and Euros.

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