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The FX Company

The FX Company is a trading name of Travel FX Ltd. we are a specialist dealer in currency buybacks providing an alternative to Banks, traditional Bureau de Change and the Post Office for clients seeking competitive exchange rates.

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16 January 2020

Sold 2,090 Thai baht

16 January 2020

Great easy to use service and prompt payment. Can't fault it, really happy. Thanks!


10 January 2020

Sold 2,000 US dollars

10 January 2020

Very reliable and efficient.

As soon as I received an email confirming the receipt of my currency the pound equivalent was in my account. It took less than 24hrs.

Very impressed.


10 January 2020

Sold Indonesian rupiahs

10 January 2020

Changed Indonesian money - very efficient.

June Bug

10 January 2020

Sold 1,670 Turkish lira

10 January 2020

Great service from start to finish and the best buy back rate I could get.

Very straightforward process and the email update was also a nice touch.

Would not hesitate to use The FX Company again.

Sheila D

7 January 2020

Sold 1,500 United Arab Emirates dirham

7 January 2020

Excellent service, excellent rates and very quick payment direct into my bank account. Would highly recommend and will use again.


7 January 2020

Sold 711 US dollars

7 January 2020

Excellent service. I was initially apprehensive sending so much cash through the post. Posted on Friday, received an e mail on the Monday to say all safely received and money was in my account later that day. Great rates, would definitely use again and highly recommend.

Moreno Castellini

3 January 2020

Sold Australian dollars

3 January 2020

Excellent service, excellent rates. sent cash via mail and pounds in bank same day. Faultless. Keep up the great service. Will use again.

Amardeep Saund

19 December 2019

Sold 1,000 US dollars

19 December 2019

Great, prompt service. Keep up the good work!

Joe Palmer

18 December 2019

Sold 230 Bulgarian lev

18 December 2019

I sold 230 Bulgarian Levs to FX and the whole operation from start to finish was very easy. I would definitely use FX again. Highly recommended

Matt Burrows

16 December 2019

Sold 9,550 Mexican pesos

16 December 2019

Came back from my recent holiday with some extra cash. The service from the FX company was spot on. Easy to use and fast payment also. Will definitely use again.

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