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The FX Company

The FX Company is a trading name of Travel FX Ltd. we are a specialist dealer in currency buybacks providing an alternative to Banks, traditional Bureau de Change and the Post Office for clients seeking competitive exchange rates.

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Mrs Stevens


Sold 1,000 Euros


Excellent communication and service. Sent money at 5 pm on Tuesday & got money in my Account with emails throughout to keep me updated. Will use again and recommend highly


20 August 2019

Sold 360 Euros

20 August 2019

I sent back 370€ and received £325 in my account the following day. Fantastic exchange rate, the PO only offered me £280! Will definitely recommend FX to my friends and family.


19 August 2019

Sold 285 Euros

19 August 2019

First time using this company .

Posted for a 1300 tracked delivery and by 1800 the money was in my account .

Highly recommend and will use again .

Andy Robinson

19 August 2019

Sold 990 Bulgarian lev

19 August 2019

Easy process selling Bulgarian Lev. Best online rate on the day. Would definitely recommend.


16 August 2019

Sold 1,040 Canadian dollars

16 August 2019

First time I have used the company and would do so again. 1040 Canadian dollars which were to be exchanged were sent on 13/08/19 and received on the 15/08/19.The money was in my account the same day. Excellent service.


16 August 2019

Sold 295 Euros

16 August 2019

Great fast service, in bank within 24hrs of posting.


15 August 2019

Sold 600 Euros

15 August 2019

1st Class posted 11.00am yesterday got paid today. Changed 600 euros. Will use again.


14 August 2019

Sold 205 Euros

14 August 2019

3rd time using FX, best exchange rates on the market and a very easy system to use. The money was in my account within 24 of sending my euros off.


14 August 2019

Sold 2,000 United Arab Emirates dirham

14 August 2019

An excellent rate with quick and easy service. Money in my account next day. Would definitely recommend.


14 August 2019

Bought £1,000 worth of Vietnamese dongs

14 August 2019

Extremely good service!

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