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The FX Company

The FX Company is a trading name of Travel FX Ltd. we are a specialist dealer in currency buybacks providing an alternative to Banks, traditional Bureau de Change and the Post Office for clients seeking competitive exchange rates.

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13 July 2019

Sold 5,000 Euros

13 July 2019

The service provided by The FX Company has been excellent. I sent 5000 euros from Scotland on Wednesday and the Sterling was deposited in to my bank account on Friday morning. The exchange rate was also absolutely the best on offer. Will definately recommend this service.


12 July 2019

Sold 275 Euros

12 July 2019

The FX Company has provided me with an extremely competitive, effective and efficient currency buy back service. From completion of the form online to posting the currency at 12.45pm on Thursday 11/7, receipt of a confirmation e-mail this afternoon Friday 12/7 and the funds paid into my bank account later the same day. Customer service at its absolute best. The whole process has taken little more than 24 hours to complete. I will definitely us FX again and would recommend them without reservation.


12 July 2019

Bought South African rand

12 July 2019

an excellent and efficient service, bot in purchase and selling back my foreign currency. many thanks.


12 July 2019

Sold 10,000 US dollars

12 July 2019

I was selling back currency and FX had the best rate. I received e-mail confirmation of receipt the day after sending this and monies were paid immediately into my account. Very fast and reliable service. I will use them again


11 July 2019

Sold 675 Euros

11 July 2019

I was a bit wary sending 675euros through the post but I needn’t have worried. I got an email confirming they had received the money the next day and it was actually paid into my account instantly. I saved over £50 compared to the service I was going to use. I will certainly use FX again if I need to. Excellent service.

Colin Say

11 July 2019

Sold 425 Euros

11 July 2019

The best way of converting your holiday currency back to GBP by far -far better exchange rates than the banks or traditional exchange bureaux.


10 July 2019

Sold 920 Euros

10 July 2019

I brought back 920 Euros from holiday! After shopping around for the best buy back rates, none of the high street crowd could get remotely close!

So, I went online and found FX. Boy am I glad that I did! I got back more than £80 compared to someone of the high street.Excellent customer service, kept me informed right from when they safely received the Euros, how much I was going to get back and after saying money would be transferred into my account within 3 days, it actually landed the very next day!

Well impressed, would definitely use again and I highly recommend, give them a try!

Derek Grant

10 July 2019

Sold 220 Euros

10 July 2019

Probably the best company I have used to exchange unwanted euros back to stirling. Ordered on Monday and money in bank by Wednesday AM. Transaction straightforward with no problems whatsoever.


9 July 2019

Sold 7,670 South African rand

9 July 2019

I had over 7000 rand left from my holiday in South Africa. I was hoping to go back this year but it was not to be. I looked at selling my rand back to my bank. However, the rate wasn't very good. I tried the post office, Tesco and many others but their rates were not very good. Fortunately the FX Company were recommended.

I felt that their exchange rates were excellent, the process was extremely simple and I recieved confirmation of receipt of my money. I now await the sterling being deposited in to my account.

I would definitely use the FX Company again and would certainly recommend them to everyone.


8 July 2019

Sold 600 Euros

8 July 2019

I had euros left over from a holiday and an online search showed FX to be the best rate. I got at least an extra £40 compared to other companies. I sent the euros Saturday and the sterling equivalent was in my account on Monday. A GREAT service.

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