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With over 170 years of travel experience, holiday know-how and great currency exchange rates, Thomas Cook Travel Money has been the go-to place for holidaymakers wanting to buy their travel money for years. Over 75 currencies available all with zero commission.

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11 August 2019

Ordered a prepaid Euro card

11 August 2019

Shocking...was assured the Euro value, when exchanged, would be the value upon with drawing the currency only to find it was subject to further exchange rates.

The phone app has crashed, so I have no idea of what is on the card.

The helpline has, to put it politely, significant linguistic challenges and of no help.


Appalling experience

2 August 2019

Bought £1,600 worth of US dollars

2 August 2019

Appalling experience - booked currency collection online, received confirmation email - visited shop to be told they didn't have the currency I had reserved and I would have to return next day, but (and I double checked) I could still get the rate I booked at. Returned next day, was ignored for 10 minutes whilst they dealt with customers booking holidays in store, and was then told that 'the computer wouldn't allow' the rate I had reserved at to be honoured. 2 wasted trips, untruths (or incompetence) - will never use again. (I've since found a better rate, and better service elsewhere.)


29 July 2019

Bought £200 worth of Euros

29 July 2019

I checked the rate online, but as they said they always have Euros available, I just went in the local shop and bought without reserving. The assistant quoted the rate very quickly counted the Euros, shoved the money in an envelope and sealed it, all the time whilst I was thinking "that's not as good as the rate quoted online, should I say something?" My indecisiveness cost me £18. The service is ok as long as you remember that the "walk -in rate" is terrible and you should always book online first, even if it is a popular currency you want and the shop is nearby.

narendra agrawal

3 July 2019

Ordered a prepaid multi-currency card

3 July 2019

the worst currency card ever. The helpline number on the back of the card, when dialed literally gave the that “the never is busy, goodbye”. There customer portal doesnt work, there is literally no way to use the money.


1 July 2019

Ordered a prepaid multi-currency card

1 July 2019

Cashpassport card top up dreadful, I've never managed to load on line ever in last 3 years. Tried the app same issue completely frustrating. Exchange rates no fantastic either. Shop around.


4 June 2019

Bought £305 worth of Euros

4 June 2019

Shocking in-store exchange rate at Silverburn and bordering on deceitful with their advertised exchange rates.

Avoid at all costs

B Millar

26 May 2019

Bought Euros

26 May 2019

Last summer i went in to thomas cook in sainsburys Berryden Aberdeen for euros for my mother ,the woman tried to give me one for one as an exchange when it was 1.12 euro,yesterday they tried to give my partner 1.03 instead of 1.11 euro,how many people have they ripped off?It puts me off Thomas Cook as a company,total theives,had to give 1 star as none wasnt available ..

Dr David Woods

21 May 2019

Bought £500 worth of US dollars

21 May 2019

My wife and I went into our local Thomas Cook to purchase US Dollars. My wife asked for "£200 worth of dollars", and was given them at a rate of 1.1419.

90 minutes later I asked for £500 worth of US Dollars, and was given a rate of 1.2490!!!!

Because of how my wife requested the transaction she was given "the walk-in, daily rate" which is much lower than when I asked "what is the dollar rate?" I was quoted the higher online rate, which the assistant then had to honour.

This is hoodwinking practice is deception of the customer and is profiteering at best, if not fraud.



17 May 2019

Bought £253 worth of Euros

17 May 2019

Bought 260 euros today - cost me £253.00.

Didn't bother to do the calculation at the Desk as I'd looked online & they are advertising £1 / 1.13eu.

Only when I have looked at my receipt have I realised the rate they have given me was 1.03eu / 1£.

VERY underhanded tactics - No wonder they are quick to stuff the receipt into the envelope & seal it!!

Last time I bother with THOMAS COOK.....


9 May 2019

Bought £500 worth of Euros

9 May 2019

What a con! I looked online and it said 1.14 euro to the pound, my wife went into the shop and they only gave 1.10 . Last time I use Thomas Cook.

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