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TUI offer a range of travel money services, including foreign currency, buy back guarantee, travellers cheques and their prepaid Travel Money Card. Currency is available to order online or collect in store, or for home delivery.

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Brian mayhew

24 September 2019

Bought £250 worth of Euros

24 September 2019

I hope cangeta better deal with tui for travel money. £250 I got £261 not a lot

Julie T

18 August 2019

Bought £1,000 worth of Euros

18 August 2019

Helpful staff but cross to find that despite using slip that they give you which suggests that they will give good exchange rate because you booked holiday with them that you get a lower exchange rate in store than you do online. What difference should it make? Only realised exchange rate was lower in store once I got home and looked at receipt. Stores should have daily rates clearly displayed. Had this been the case i would have realised befor changing currency and questioned it. Phoned store to ask and was told that on £1000 Thay could have price matched online rate, little use after event. Would definitely shop around next time.

Anthony s

26 April 2019

Bought £1000 worth of Euros

26 April 2019

Changed £1000 for euros , in a rush checked tui online rate before I set out and it was 1.13. Got home and realised I had been given my money at 1.07! Will buy online in future but not from them.

Peter Webster

13 April 2019

Bought £1000 worth of Thai Baht

13 April 2019

Great helpful staff but after getting home realised the exchange rate was very poor . Was very surprised should have shopped around.

Gary P

29 January 2019

29 January 2019

Had no problems but wasn't the best rate in the end. Maybe I will shop around a bit more next time

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