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TUI offer a range of travel money services, including foreign currency, buy back guarantee, travellers cheques and their prepaid Travel Money Card. Currency is available to order online or collect in store, or for home delivery.

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1 Stars
1 Stars

25 May 2022

It’s the worse thing to set up. Not simple at all



4 Stars
4 Stars

23 May 2022

Bought a 'Prepaid Travel Money card' from one of thier Bristol shops, in person.

Had to take lots of I.D with me dispite them knowing/recognising me as I had regularly visited whilst sorting out the upcoming holiday deal with them.

This is OK - good security but a little anoying on memory if your working all the time then trying to just pop in there.

Best deals got through visiting the shop in person and asking spacific questions -

How do I get best deal?

What is the best rate for exchange you can do for me?

Best rate on holiday hotel extras? (there maybe a shared area which matches your

and keeps your room amenaties costs down)

flight extra costs - do you need them? can they be removed? (cutting down costs)

Can you give me a print out of that please?

What protection can I get thats affordable - is it-does it cover where i want to travel to please?

Money for the card was topped up in store I had to ASK FOR THE BEST RATE on the day - they dont automaticaly do that for you.

Money card was just an insurance back up and only used to pay for a few big events over seas.

Would advice taking some cash along side it (for airport food and smaller notes for stalls outside on arrival of country of choice) also making sure UK own card will be able to be used overseas very important as is accounting for up to a £25 charge in some EU countries just for using their machine - so take a wedge out if needed.

TUI Card is free to use though at most ATM machines, sometimes I found a 1 - 1.50 euro charge at dodgy minimarket machines.

A good back up card if you are using a range of ways to pay for things throughout your holiday and if traveling on a TUI booked holiday - as they try to sort things out more if you are traveling with them.



2 Stars
2 Stars

20 May 2022

Ordered a Travel Money Card and was able to use OK in stores OS but could not load the card with the App. Had issues when the card was setup with my address and still not corrected. Had to have a friend load the card in store for me when I was away. The issue with loading the card is still not resolved after visiting 2 stores and phoning customer services.

The App is crap.


James K

1 Stars
1 Stars

15 May 2022

Asked Rochdale branch for the Euro rate - they said 1.14-ish. I called back later after finishing shopping to buy the Euros and when I got home I noticed they had given me 1.10.

Apparently the “standard rate” because I didn’t ask for the best rate when I went back in. Absolutely ridiculous - ripping off families when they can least afford it.


Rebecca Scotland

1 Stars
1 Stars

11 May 2022

Would never ever use the tui travel card. I was not able to top the card up even tried multiple bank cards but nothing worked. In the end had to ring customer service but due to it being a bank holiday weekend I was left stranded in Mexico with no money till I spoke to someone on the Tuesday. I lost out on over £500 worth of deposits for excursions as we there was no room for us to change the day and we had no money to pay the balance. The app would shut down when ever you had to verify the payment with your bank. Ruined our whole holiday.



1 Stars
1 Stars

13 March 2022

Bought Euros

13 March 2022

Thank you TUI for heads up travel card due to expire BUT charging €2e a month for inactivity, seriously!!! Surely you cld have highlighted. OK, so you say it’s in terms & conditions but in these unprecedented times! Keep customers happy or else loose them!


Anthony Bailey

1 Stars
1 Stars

8 March 2022

I paid Tui £600.00 for my mexican currency. When I got home and checked the exchange rate I noted that they only gave me £500.00 worth of currency. I challenged them at the shop and they said that that was the rate set that day. It cost me £100.00 to change my money. A rip off.



1 Stars
1 Stars

23 November 2021

Bought currency with cashback option, cashback never arrived !!


Tod snapper

1 Stars
1 Stars

17 October 2021

Bought travel money

17 October 2021

Bought 800 pound worth of euros paid the the buy back rate they only buy back 200 pounds at the rate you accepted


Katie Donalds

1 Stars
1 Stars

4 April 2021

TUI stores do not display the exchange rate.If you ask them the answer will always be "Have you had any quotes from elsewhere". If you haven't then rest assured you will be given an abysmal exchange rate. If you have a rate from elsewhere then they will match it (never beat it). It has happened to me a few times and now I just go elsewhere. TUI will always try to round up whatever you are asking for so you end up with more currency than you need and more profit for them. My advice, if you do use them don't ask for say £500 worth of euros ask for the number of euros you want then they can't up sell. Also please don't accept their buy back guarantee unless you are buying some obscure currency you will never use again. The buy back will cost you and TUI do not buy back all your currency only a certain amount. Easier still - just go elsewhere

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