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Purchase travel cash with WeSwap, available in all major currencies at the best rates with no charge for home delivery over £750.

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30 October 2019

Bought £500 worth of Croatian kuna

30 October 2019

Easy ordering. Scheduled delivery for a Monday but advised by Weswap that Royal Mail may deliver on the Saturday, which they did and fortunately we were in.

Good service.

Lee W

23 October 2019

Bought £1,800 worth of South African rand

23 October 2019

Purchased 1800 of South African Rand, best rates around anywhere, was apprehensive to say the least initially, especially bank transferring so much money, wasn’t helped with the London address and the foreign accent on the call I made but nothing to worry about! The web process was easy, the few people I spoke to were helpful and professional, the money arrived on date and on time. I would absolutely use these guys again and recommend them to anyone wanting great rates and a great service.

Ian Hammell

22 October 2019

Bought £2,000 worth of Colombian pesos

22 October 2019

Purchased £2000 of Columbian pesos delivered at 9.oclock in the morning the best rates on the net I will for sure use again

Ian Martland

21 October 2019

Bought £300 worth of Euros

21 October 2019

Absolutely terrible can’t use at the ATM declined everywhere as soon as may card is empty I will cut it up. Don’t use it !!

Jacqueline Dimmer

19 October 2019

Bought £750 worth of US dollars

19 October 2019

Ordered 950 dollars on Thursday, delivered today in a variety of notes, so made sharing between my grandchildren really easy. Thank you.

Granville Bryant

19 October 2019

Bought Danish krone

19 October 2019

Ordered £1000 of Danish Kroner,before 1-00pm 18th October and

received the Danish Kroner before 1-00pm on 19th October, and had the best rate, of all the comparison companies.

Excellent service, will use again.

Chris Marshall

16 October 2019

Bought £2,000 worth of Australian dollars

16 October 2019

Have used Weswap several times, and have not been disappointed yet. Good rates and delivered on time.


16 October 2019

Bought £1,000 worth of Euros

16 October 2019

Good rate on the day and delivery was as promised

George Kerr

16 October 2019

Bought travel money

16 October 2019

Great rate best of them all fast delivery smooth transaction will use again


16 October 2019

Bought £2,300 worth of Euros

16 October 2019

A very decent service. My second time of using them. Rate was comparable to others, maybe slightly better than most. Delivery time was excellent. Highly recommend.

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