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Purchase travel cash with WeSwap, available in all major currencies at the best rates with no charge for home delivery over £750.

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1 Stars
1 Stars

18 March 2023

The rates are misleading, even when the offer page comes up it doesn’t tell you what you are going to be left with. Only after you confirm swap is the final amount known. The rate is better in the post office. Good luck Weswap, your business will soon be over with shenanigans like this and all these 1 star reviews. I used to use you all the time on holidays, not any more. Straight in the bin after this trip


Dave Bibby

1 Stars
1 Stars

23 February 2023

Just returned from South Africa and this card and system is a disaster. Totally stressed trying to get money. Money would not load in Wallet but chip & pin worked. 48 hrs to sort out. As no customer service reply within that period. Told to update app as a lot of customers were having problems. Money went into the wallet but was unusable at ATM. We swap had stopped the card. Another 48 hrs went b, still bills to pay. I was then locked out of the app. We swap sent the new code to my English number to unlock but did not inform me via the email correspondence..i was using a SA sim card . I had to use my home cash card to obtain funds and obviously charged fees. Used to be good but this service is rubbish

WeSwap replied

Hello David,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

We are aware that you've been in touch with our Customer Support team, don't hesitate to get in contact again if you have more questions.

Best wishes


Gordon ODonnell

1 Stars
1 Stars

22 August 2022

Since the transition to We Swap 2 , I have been unable to use the card as I can not load money or swap existing funds to another currency .

I used the original card in several countries over several years and it worked well ,

the rates were always the best available .

Whatever the issues are , it seems to be taking an unacceptably long time to sort them out .



1 Stars
1 Stars

28 February 2022

Bought travel money

28 February 2022

Appalling.I have not been able to load my new card and have received no assistance .very disappointed the old card was brilliant,no problems ever experienced.


Mat Cuscak

1 Stars
1 Stars

21 February 2022

Do not use WeSwap, I have tried contacting them many times, emailing and leaving many voice mails and had Zero response.

They have my money and I have no way of getting it back, Is this not fraud?

I can't even rate that customer service because they have not given any!

Please save your hard earned cash and do not give to WeSwap.



1 Stars
1 Stars

11 December 2021

Used to be good but since WeSwap 2 app came out (which is unusable) and website access was removed, it's become completely useless.

Fortunately after a lot of fiddling around I eventually managed to get my quite large balance refunded & the card is now binned.

If you have money with this company I suggest you do everything in your power to get it out before they go under with it.

As a side note, as a professional software developer with 41 years experience, I have never seen such a crap piece of s4ite as the WeSwap 2 app even get past unit testing, let alone into the live environment. WeSwap, you should be ashamed of yourselves.


lynn McSporran

1 Stars
1 Stars

9 December 2021

Bought Euros

9 December 2021

Omg what a disaster, I’ve got all my holiday money in this account which I can’t withdraw or load

No reply to any emails apart from generic emails

Can anyone help I don’t know what to do


Stella Gerrard

2 Stars
2 Stars

3 December 2021

I used weswap for years and would recommend it to friends but not anymore. After all the hassle of getting the new card that never worked I closed my account. If you follow the guidelines and email IDF with your bank details they do pay your money back in. It's not the bedt rate but I got back over £700 which was a relief. It was paid back within two days. Weswap card now in bin.



1 Stars
1 Stars

2 December 2021

A company that has gone off the rails and will no doubt go under. Excellent initial idea of matching currency swaps. Recent woes from the transition to WS 2.0 are well documented and it was a shambles, personally it took nearly three months to get my money back including absolute non-communication for more than two months.

Exchange fees in the new entity are not remotely competitive; 2.49% standard for a swap although I was offered 1.7% (up from my previous 0% to 1.4% prior range) that is still hopeless. Not sure I would trust them with two bob anyway.


Derek Foster

1 Stars
1 Stars

12 November 2021

Bought New Zealand dollars

12 November 2021

After my old weswap card stopped working and my funds frozen, I sent emails to them requesting them to deposit my fund into my bank account, this hasn't been done but they send me a email addressed to a Mr Mahoney stating that they had deposited in funds into his account. I sent four more email and have had no response, I think there might be some underhanded dealings going on as this is no way to run a business , so my zero rating is justified.

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