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1) What type of cover do you need?

A single trip policy provides cover for one trip. A multi-trip policy provides cover for multiple trips over a 12-month period.

2) When do you need cover?

For single trip policies, cover will begin and end on the dates you specify below. For annual multi-trip policies, cover will begin from the moment you purchase the policy and will be valid for 12 months.

3) Where are you travelling?

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4) Who needs cover?

We need to know who you want to be covered by the policy and how they are related.

5) Pre-existing medical conditions

We don't need to know about any pre-existing medical conditions. You'll still be covered by any quotes, but claims against some pre-existing conditions may not be valid. Some insurers will allow you to add cover for pre-existing conditions when you place your order.

6) Assumptions

We need to make the following assumptions about you and anyone else named on the policy in order to provide you with quotes. By continuing, you agree that the following are true:

  • All travellers are permanent residents of, and are travelling from and returning to, the United Kingdom.
  • All travellers are registered with a Medical Practitioner (for example, a GP or Doctor's Surgery) in the United Kingdom.
  • No traveller is travelling against medical advice.
  • No traveller is aware of any reason why the trip would be cancelled or cut short.
  • Cover may not be provided for trips that have already started.

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Travel Insurance and Coronavirus

You can still get valid travel insurance for coronavirus / COVID-19 but there are some things you'll need to think about before you travel:

How does travel insurance cover me for coronavirus COVID-19?

Coronavirus cover can be split into two parts: pre-holiday cover which includes things like cancellation cover if you have to cancel your holiday due to catching coronavirus or if you're denied boarding after a temperature test at the airport, and on-holiday cover which covers your medical and travel expenses if you fall ill with coronavirus while you're on holiday and need to go to hospital or return home.

Your travel insurer should pay your medical costs if you get coronavirus while you're on holiday, but some insurers may not cover cancellation costs, especially if you've booked your holiday through a travel agent or tour operator as you may be covered by their cancellation policy instead.

You should check the Policy Wording and any associated COVID-19 documents to see exactly what is covered by each policy before you buy. We provide all of this information in our comparison results when you click the 'more details' button on a policy.

Can I get travel insurance if I have already had coronavirus?

If you've had coronavirus you'll still be able to get travel insurance and this shouldn't make any difference to your premium. You should make sure you still get insured even if you've tested positive for coronavirus in the past because your travel insurance policy may cover you for other unexpected things like having to find alternative accommodation if your hotel closes due to another guest testing positive while you're there.

Will I still be covered for coronavirus on my old or existing travel insurance policy?

Coronavirus was unknown to insurers before 2020 and is therefore unlikely to be covered by any policies purchased at an earlier date. However, if you have an existing policy it's worth contacting the insurer to see if they will add coronavirus cover to it as this may be cheaper than purchasing a brand new policy.

I get free travel insurance cover from my bank - am I still covered for coronavirus COVID-19?

There's no guarantee that third party policies will provide coronavirus cover, especially if they were purchased before March 2020. When you purchased the policy you should have been sent a Policy Wording document containing full details of exactly what the policy covers. If there's no mention of coronavirus or COVID-19 in the Policy Wording then it's unlikely you're covered and you should check with the insurer who issued the policy.

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