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Cornwall vs Luxor 0


As many of you will know we are based down in the far west of Cornwall, not far from Land’s End. I was thinking the other day how for decades now that it has been cheaper to go abroad than to stay in Cornwall a lot of the time. With the train liines at Dawlish being washed out for weeks it made it even more difficult to get to Cornwall than it is normally. I went to Swindon a few weeks ago and it took from 8am to about 6pm to get there. I literally could have gone to Egypt in the same time!

I have used London as the starting point for this infographic as the vast majority of Compare Holiday Money visitors are based in and around London. This is intended to be a bit tongue in cheek and I am not suggesting that people should not come to Cornwall.

I have chosen Luxor as all the trouble in Egypt for the past year or so has been centred on Cairo whereas places like Luxor and Sharm el Sheik are suffering from the lost tourist trade that so many of the local population depend on.


New Travel Money Forum from 0

New Travel Money Forum from

As we continue to develop our website and to ensure that we provide a good service to our customers we have now launched a new travel money forum where customers can go and ask questions about specific topics and concerns that they may have with regards to travel money, currency exchange rates and currency cards.

If you are travelling to a new country that you have never been to before and you are unsure about what currency to take with you or whether you have questions on how much to take or when is a good time to buy a particular currency our travel money forum experts will help you answer your questions online.

We have even added a section where you can find the latest vouchers, discounts and offers on holidays, travel money and travel insurance. Our aim is to bring you the best currency exchange rate deals and offers on holiday extras, which all helps with ‘saving you money to spend on your holiday’!

The travel money forum is very new and we will be looking to add more sections and helpful information in the future. In the meantime if you have any questions or you have any great vouchers that you would like to share on the travel money forum please go to the travel money forum page and register to add new topics and questions.

If you have any specific immediate questions that you need answering about currency if you are looking to buy travel money online for your up and coming holiday please don’t hesitate to email our travel money experts by contacting us.

We hope you enjoy the new travel money forum and we hope you will help us spread the word to your friends and family. We look forward to receiving your feedback on the new travel money forum and, if you are going on holiday this year have a great time away and don’t forget to share your travel money knowledge with our new online community.

The Russian Rouble in 2014 0


The Russian Rouble is one of those currencies that has lost a lot of value in the past twelve months. In the case of the Russian Rouble it has lost in the region of 30% of its value in the past 12 months. With Crimea so much in the headlines right now may people will not even be considering a trip to Russia but world news and world politics moves quickly and once the threat of violence diminishes the people of Russia, Crimea and the Ukraine will be deperate to restart their tourist industries.RUB-inforgraphic-1

Compare Holiday Money Guide To Bitcoin pt 1 0


This is part one of a four part series on bitcoin, how to get them and what to do with them once you have them.

Part One: So what are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are a virtual currency or crypo-currency. What this means is that rather than being based upon a stockpile of gold or silver bitcoin is based upon a volume of encrypted data. Anyone can run some free and open software that will start to decode that data and in return they will earn bitcoins. As a side benefit of processing the data the software also processes bitcoin payments and transactions. This process is called mining and the original way to get coins was to mine for them, the way that the bitcoin system is set up means that there can only ever be maximum of 21 million bitcoins in existence after which no more can be created but they can be lost or destroyed. So far 12 Million have been mined and are in circulation and it becomes roughly twice as hard to mine Bitcoin every two weeks. This limited supply means that bitcoins will not lose their value due to inflation nor will they be devalued by ‘printing more money’ or quantitive easing. Continue reading “Compare Holiday Money Guide To Bitcoin pt 1” »

Turkish Lira Exchange Rates Over The Last Year 0

Turkish Lira Exchange Rates Over The Last Year - Header Image

As the UK economy has continued to strengthen in the last year we have seen big increases in the currency exchange rates where the GBP has strengthened helping holiday makers and UK importers to get more for their money abroad.

One of the biggest increases has been the Turkish Lira exchange rates over the last year where we has seen margins of 39% compared to this time last year which has now made Turkey one of the most popular destinations to go in Europe rivalling other value for money countries such as Spain.

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What currency is used in New Zealand 0

What currency is used in New Zealand

Question: What currency is used in New Zealand

Answer: The local currency used in New Zealand is the New Zealand Dollar

More Information:

The Zealand Dollar is a popular currency around the world and it is the official currency of both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. The New Zealand Dollar can also be used on some of the Pacific Islands including the Cook Islands, Nauru, Niue, Pitcairn Islands, Ross Dependency and Tokelau.

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How much currency can you take to South Africa 0

What currency is used in South Africa

One of the most popular questions we get asked here at is how much currency can you take to South Africa. In order to help our customers further and to save everyone time we have come up with a customs guide to help answer these frequently asked questions on what you are allowed to travel with to South Africa as a tourist.

Question: How much currency can you take to South Africa

Answer: 25,000 South African Rand

More Details:

At present the customs law in South Africa states that you can take up to 25,000 Rand in cash which is roughly 1400 GBP without having to declare this upon arrival at any customs points when arriving by air, land or sea.

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Russia and Ukraine turmoil 0

exchange rates chart for the past 30 days

Russia and Ukraine turmoil: how the currency markets are reacting

The Ukrainian hryvnia and Russian ruble have each taken a hit in recent days as the stand-off intensifies between the troubled two countries. Last week the BBC’s World Economics correspondent Andrew Walker told how the Ukrainian currency has hit a 10-year low , and just yesterday the Russian ruble fell to an all-time low  against the US dollar and the euro as investors seek to move their money to safer retreats amid the growing crisis in Ukraine.

When not to buy

So how does this affect you if you want to buy Ukrainian hryvnia or Russian rubles? Our analysis of the travel money markets shows that actually despite the headlines, the outlook might not be as bad as it sounds.

If you want Russian rubles the news is good. The ruble rate is currently 5% higher than it was a month ago thanks to the weakening ruble which has increased from 54.78 to 57.56 against the pound. In real money this means £750 will buy you just over two thousand rubles more today than it would have on the 5th February:

A currency graph showing the exchange rates over the last 30 days

The Russian Ruble exchange rate over the past month


If you want Ukrainian hryvnia the news isn’t so good. The hryvnia rate has dropped by 2.4% against the pound from 13.28 last month to 12.97 today which means £750 will buy you 240 hryvnia less today than it would have a month ago:

exchange rates chart for the past 30 days

Ukrainian Exchange rates for the past 30 days

Our data comes directly from the currency suppliers themselves and is representative of the tourist rates currently on offer. The upshot is that despite recent headlines, the currency markets have been fairly resilient to the on-going turmoil affecting both countries, and while there are fluctuations in both exchange rates there is no reason to suggest that now is not a good time to buy either.

You can compare the latest exchange rates for both currencies on our Ukrainian hryvnia and Russian ruble comparison pages.


Places to eat in Sayulita Mexico on a budget 0

Places to eat in Sayulita, El Itacate

Sayulita is a small town on the pacific coast of Mexico. It was first “discovered” by travellers in the 60’s looking for good surf spots. To this day the town is a haven for surfers especially beginners. However the town has an eclectic mix of travellers, expats and locals giving it a multi-cultural vibe. Even though Sayulita is low key compared to neighbouring Puerto Vallarta the town is most definitely on the tourist map which is pushing up prices during high-season.

With that in mind, we went out to find good, local places to eat that won’t burst your wallet. Here is what we found:

Places to eat in Sayulita Mexico on a budget

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