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We are the UK's most popular comparison website dedicated to travel money, currency buyback and foreign exchange

From Argentine pesos to Vietnamese dongs; currency is our speciality and we love it! In fact, we compare more currencies, more providers and more exchange rates than any other comparison site which is why millions of British travellers use us every year to find the best currency deals.

Whether you're looking to buy travel money for an upcoming holiday, exchange leftover currency back to British pounds, or send money overseas, you can trust our unbiased comparisons and expert tips to maximise your money.

Company information

Compare Holiday Money and CompareHolidayMoney.com are trading names of Viridian Media Limited. Our company registration number is 10021682.

For insurance booking, Viridian Media Limited is an appointed representative of Financial Compliance Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under RCN 10005609.

Our registered address is:

Viridian Media Limited
International House
142 Cromwell Road

Background and team

CompareHolidayMoney.com was launched in November 2010 by Dan Morley and Peter Rudin-Burgess; two friends and colleagues who worked together at a bureau de change in Cornwall. In their spare time, Dan who worked in IT and Peter who worked in Accounts built a tool that regularly checked the exchange rates on offer by other currency suppliers so it could be used to automate tasks that the pair were doing manually each day. After the business they worked for closed down, Dan and Peter re-built their tool and released it to the public; and so Compare Holiday Money was born!

Over the years the website has evolved far beyond the simple aggregator tool it was built around. Today, we operate currency comparison websites in Germany, Australia and the Republic of Ireland, and every year we help millions of travellers to find the best currency deals.

Dan Morley

Dan Morley

Technical Director

Peter Rudin

Peter Rudin

Financial Director

Del Howe

Del Howe

Senior Developer

Graham Morley

Graham Morley

Business Development Manager

Mink Borwornsenee

Mink Borwornsenee

Content Writer

Sam Stone

Sam Stone

Content Writer

How we are financed

Our product comparisons are totally unbiased and we never allow companies to pay to be at the top of any results. Instead, some companies pay us a small commission for referring customers which helps to fund our costs and keeps our service free to you. This does not affect the quotes you receive or the price you pay.

Our reviews policy

We collect and publish real customer reviews of the companies that feature on our website to help potential customers make informed decisions, and to provide companies with feedback on things they do well and things they could improve on.

We recognise that we have a responsibility as publishers to ensure the reviews we collect are genuine, honest and accurate, and in the interests of transparency we have compiled this guide which explains our reviews policy in more detail.

The review process

  1. A customer submits a review by filling out the review form at the bottom of a company's review page.
  2. The review is sent to our internal team for moderation.
  3. If the review meets our moderation criteria (below), it is published on our website and the company being reviewed may be sent a notification email informing them that they have received a new review. If the review does not meet our moderation criteria, it is permanently deleted.
  4. Companies are given 30 days to respond to a new review. Any official responses are published directly underneath the review that was responded to.

Review moderation

All reviews are subject to internal moderation before they are published. The moderation process is designed to increase the quality and integrity of reviews rather than act as a form of censorship. As publishers, we have a legal duty to ensure the reviews that appear on our website are genuine and accurate, and while we do not remove reviews just because a company has asked us to, we may remove reviews that:

  • do not relate to products or services that can be purchased via our website. For example, we would publish a review about a supermarket's Travel Money service but not about their Groceries
  • contain threatening, harassing, or abusive language, or attempt to approximate swearing with creative spelling
  • accuse a company of committing a criminal offence unless the offence has been proven in a court of law
  • contain political, ethical, or religious commentary
  • contain spam, hyperlinks, marketing or promotional content
  • contain any information that can be used to identify an individual

We endeavour to moderate all reviews within 72 hours of submission, and the moderator's decision is final. If a review meets the above criteria it will be published immediately on our website. Otherwise, it will be permanently deleted. Once published, we do not delete, amend or modify reviews in any way, with the following exceptions:

  • if the review author contacts us because they have made a mistake in their review, for example by reviewing the wrong company or by selecting the wrong rating, we may amend it on their behalf
  • if the company being reviewed claims a review is fraudulent, defamatory, does not reflect the facts or is otherwise not genuine (i.e. has not been written by a customer), they may ask us to remove it. In such cases we will ask for supporting evidence and will only remove the review if we deem the claim to be valid

Combating fake reviews

Reviews must be written by genuine customers of the company being reviewed. If we suspect a review is fake we may ask the author for more information before we publish it. If a company flags a review that we have already published, we will investigate with both the company and the author before deciding on whether to keep, amend or delete it.

Our reviews platform is constantly monitored to prevent automated abuse and to detect abnormal review patterns, and reviews that are suspected to be fraudulent are automatically removed.

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