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wrote on 24/09/14: Review Stars

"Very good communication , the transaction was easy to complete and delivered on time."

wrote on 23/09/14: Review Stars

"Excellent speedy service, found them to have the best rates available. My money arrived on time as promised. Will use this Company again and recommend you to my friends and family."

wrote on 21/09/14: Review Stars

"This order is my third with this company who offered the best rate of exchange. On placing the order, I received an immediate email with all the details I needed to make payment. I received another email confirming payment and my order confirmation, another to say my order had been despatched, and a final email to confirm the arrival of my order on the date I had requested it. Efficient and reliable service which I will definitely use again."

wrote on 19/09/14: Review Stars

"I have used this company twice and both times service has been first class would recommend them to anyone who is looking for travel money hassle free."

wrote on 18/09/14: Review Stars

"First time using travelfx, great price on the dollar, will definitely use again"

wrote on 12/09/14: Review Stars

"Excellent Service, contacted with a query answered in less than 5 minutes. Money delivered really quick."

wrote on 04/09/14: Review Stars

"Used Travel FX for the first time. Everything worked as they state on the website. Great rate excellent service. Will use again."

wrote on 04/09/14: Review Stars

"I have used Travel FX on several occasions the money always arrives in the correct nomination of notes that i request and i have never had a problem with them other than i have never received the money next day it has always been two days arriving"

wrote on 03/09/14: Review Stars

"Excellent on-line company to deal with in terms of rates, communication and delivery time. No handling fee, efficient administration and professional in their dealings. Fully recommended and wouldn't hesitate to use them again."

wrote on 01/09/14: Review Stars

"I have used Travel FX on a number of occasions and they have delivered every time. I ordered currency at 10.30pm on Wednesday 28/08/14 and it arrived at my door at 11.30am on Friday 30/08/14. I have been delighted with their performance and rates every time and would use no one else."

wrote on 01/09/14: Review Stars

"I was warned by a friend not to use an online service, but went ahead, bought euros, and was totally satisfied by the service provided by Travelfx. The process was simple and easy to follow. I suspect that those with complaints had not read the instructions properly as the instructions were clear and concise. I will definitely use this service again."

wrote on 31/08/14: Review Stars

"Very impressed with the service would use Travel FX again"

wrote on 27/08/14: Review Stars

"Cannot fault, bang on time and best rates. Quick and simple"

wrote on 22/08/14: Review Stars

"Can't really bring myself to fault these guys. Used them 3 times now and each time they've delivered on their word. My only advice would be to order at least a week before you need the money to minimise the chance of any unforeseen delivery issues by the Royal Mail. But in my opinion they're great."

wrote on 15/08/14: Review Stars

"Great customer service, competitive rates and fast delivery. Will use again in the future."

wrote on 14/08/14: Review Stars

"Great service, great rates, highly recommended."

wrote on 11/08/14: Review Stars

"3rd time I've used this service and all I have is praise for it. Absolutely no problems and money arrived well in time. Well done to TravelFX"

wrote on 10/08/14: Review Stars

"I would always use Travel FX. They never fail to impress, trust worthy and reliable. 5 star every time."

wrote on 07/08/14: Review Stars

"This is the first time I have used Travel FX and it wont be the last. Great rates, great service, fast delivery and excellent customer agents who are on hand for advice, if necessary. Currency delivered on time. I would highly recommend Travel FX."

wrote on 07/08/14: Review Stars


wrote on 06/08/14: Review Stars

"Got the best rate and the money arrived on time and not made up from large denomination notes. I made an error in completing the registration form.Phoned Travel FX and within 30 seconds all was sorted. Will use again."

wrote on 06/08/14: Review Stars

"It is the first time I have used TravelFX to exchange pounds to euros. They had one of the best rates for a small amount money. The site was easy to use. They informed you when order placed, dispatched, tracking number and when it would be delivered. I would use them again"

wrote on 01/08/14: Review Stars

"It's the first time I've ordered money this way, and in the Last two week made two orders with Travel FX. Both times money Was sent on the day requested! Great communications, and the best rates around!!! Will most defiantly be using and recommending to family and friends!! A**"

wrote on 31/07/14: Review Stars

"ive got to say this is the first time ive used this method of exchanging money and yes I was a little nervous however the extensive positive reviews gave me a touch of faith. Ive got to say that it is superb and that the money turned up exactly when I asked it too. Thanks. Steve"

wrote on 28/07/14: Review Stars

"Marvellous service, exactly as advertised, NO problems will USE again."

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