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Currency Online Group

Currency Online Group specialise in providing travel money and currency buy back services. We offer exclusive, enhanced currency Buyback rates to Compare Holiday Money customers that you won't find anywhere else, both services can be done either via postal service or in person at our new Waterloo Kiosk.

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Sold 3,500 US dollars


Very quick and easy 100% recommend


14 July 2019

Bought Canadian dollars

14 July 2019

Very impressed with this company. Currency arrived very promptly and even though I was hesitant about using their buy back service, they offered a good rate and my account was credited when they said it would be. Will definitely be using them again and would recommend


13 July 2019

Bought £1,000 worth of Mexican pesos

13 July 2019


1st time using this company and must admit even thro I seen the reviews I was still unsure to use this company. As we only had our spending money. And no other funds to fall back on if this was a fake company. But no.

I was worried as I had not got a e mail to say my money arrived and when my holiday money would be posted. So I called them and was explained that the department that deals with the exchange work monday to friday. And I should hear from them monday.

Monday arrived and I did. So nothing to worry about.

By the Wednesday we had our money.

On returning from our holiday we had money left so we followed the email and our money was in our account few days later.

Cant recommend this company enough.

I will use them again and have also told my friends to.

Thanks and I should not have doubted.

Ps exchange rates cannot be beaten


13 July 2019

Sold 200 US dollars

13 July 2019

Sold back currency. Rate so much better than high street rates! post office provide special envelope for free.Costs about £6 to post special delivery. No brainer this. Always sell this way. COP were excellent in informing you of package arrival and payment details.

Ben eardley

13 July 2019

Bought £4,000 worth of US dollars

13 July 2019

First class service.highly recommended


12 July 2019

Sold 933 Hungarian forints

12 July 2019

Excellent service - had currency to sell back - got a ridiculously better rate than the high street & couldn’t be simpler.

Will definitely use again

Peter Jones

12 July 2019

Sold 5,300 Croatian kuna

12 July 2019

It does what it says on the tin!


12 July 2019

Bought £2,500 worth of US dollars

12 July 2019

Got a great rate buying dollars and on the "buy back" for the unused quantity when we returned from the US. Quick secure delivery, would certainly use them again.


12 July 2019

Sold 335 Euros

12 July 2019

Great service, best rates, can't beat em.


11 July 2019

Sold 43,700 Dominican pesos

11 July 2019

Sold back surplus currency - very prompt, efficient and speedy plus being able to take to Waterloo saved a significant amount of postage. Good rate and I liked knowing the price I'd get before visiting.

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