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Get a better exchange rate if you choose to purchase any single currency online from £800 to £2500. We offer competitive exchange rates and 0% commission on foreign currency. Order and collect your cash from selected Tesco stores. Free home delivery on orders of £500 or more. £3.95 delivery for orders under £500. Tesco Travel money ordered online or by telephone is provided by Travelex Currency Services Ltd.

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Bad experience

1 Stars
1 Stars

24 September 2022

Bought Euros

24 September 2022

First and last time ordering euros through Tesco!

Ordered on a Saturday, closest collection day was a Wednesday. Was told they would be ready to collect after 3pm. Arrived at store, no euros there to collect. We didn’t even have an email to say that there was going to be a delay.

We were flying out the next day so spoke to a lady on the phone who organised euros to be picked up at the airport. Got to the desk and there was no evidence of this on their system.

We eventually got through on the phone and they are giving us a full refund, still waiting for this to go into my bank account.

Will not be ordering again.



5 Stars
5 Stars

13 September 2022

Bought £500 worth of Euros

13 September 2022

Ordered our euros online and email came through to say they would be ready for collection 2 days later.

Perfect as we were working so went on a weekend to collect.

Asked for small notes which was not a problem.

Highly recommend and will be using them again


Helen Brown

2 Stars
2 Stars

10 September 2022

Ordered Turkish Lira 2.9.22 was advised online that they wouldn't be available to pick up till 6.9.22 after 3pm. The bureau de change closes at 6pm so I opted to pick up today Sat 10.9.22.

Got a text thus morning 10.30 to say unable to open store due to illness so can't pick up my order.

I called customer service however Turkish Lira is classed as an exotic currency so no one else has it !

'Up to 10 working days for the refund ' I think not...I said if you take the card number as security but don't charge till pick up you wouldn't gave this issue snd you will do a bank transfer ASAP I've been told the money will be back in my account Monday it had better !

Very dissapointing !



5 Stars
5 Stars

29 August 2022

I've used this service several times now and never had a problem. After reading all the negative reviews as of late ,I was a little worried this time. It seems to me a lot of people complain when they don’t even follow the guidelines or read the conditions. I ordered US dollar and Jamaican dollar. I gave it plenty of time to collect my money, two weeks and a month before I travel. I called in on the off chance it had arrived and it had. Four days early. The man could not of been more helpful. He even changed the $100 bills in to smaller denominations when I asked. So five stars for Haverfordwest foreign exchange.



3 Stars
3 Stars

21 August 2022

Euros came next day delivery a plus .but had 4 100 euros amongst them .went in store to exchange sorry no can’t you ordered on line .have used Tesco before but never again



1 Stars
1 Stars

17 August 2022

Same story as a lot of reviews (I should have checked before) short story…currency wasn’t ready on time and refund takes upto 10 days, staff on customer service line had no sympathy.

Longer story…ordered currency for click n collect the following day, which I thought was impressive service at the time, because the website DOES state it can take upto 3 days for currency to be ready for collection…so when it allowed me to select the following day for my collection I thought great ! And when the confirmation email also stated I could collect from my nominated store the following day after 3pm I thought wow perfect! I was at the Tesco store at 5pm and the lady on the Customer Service desk was soooo apologetic and said it happens all the time…the courier hasn’t made a delivery that day and that there were actually 5 other currency orders due in that day; sure enough 2mins later another lady arrived hoping to collect her currency. The Customer Service lady rang the TravelEx line and explained the situation, put me on the line, he had no sympathy and just reiterated to me that the website states it can take upto 3 days haha that’s all well and good but if the website allows you to select the following day AND the confirmation email states the same then what are customers meant to do? Just turn up each day for the next 3 days to see if it’s turned up yet?? I was travelling that evening so I asked him to cancel & refund my order so I could go and get the currency elsewhere (local Post Office was open late so I did it there), to be told it could take upto 10 days to be refunded! And that’s AFTER the currency has been received back at the TravelEx office which can be 3-4 days. Luckily I was only going away for a wknd so wasn’t changing THAT much money, but imagine if you were changing a lot for a 2wk holiday and then didn’t have any spare funds to get currenty from elsewhere whilst waiting for your refund!

I said I’d like a Manager to call me back so I could make a complaint, and to my surprise the Manager Janette did! But of course, she can only work within the perameters that are set for her, which are of course set by some idiot management team higher than her who have decided to have a poor process in place which is completely unreliable and not user friendly, and as it shows in the reviews…don’t look to be changing any time soon! SO, I won’t be using them again and will be warning all my friends not to also.


€100 notes

1 Stars
1 Stars

15 August 2022

Don’t use unless you want to gamble getting €100 notes!

Ordered online and received 6 €100 euro notes. Who even uses them? Ridiculous and nothing you can do other than return at your own cost for a refund.


Ian Brindley

1 Stars
1 Stars

3 August 2022

Stayed in all day waiting for travel money to arrive and no show by Royal Mail Special delivery. Apparently been sent to the wrong depot. A call would have been nice !


Jan D

5 Stars
5 Stars

27 July 2022

Bought Euros

27 July 2022

First class service, I placed 2 orders on different days and both arrived by recorded delivery when they were supposed to and in variety of notes.



1 Stars
1 Stars

23 July 2022

Ordered just under £1,000 worth of currency. The transaction failed so I tried again.

I then get charged twice - money goes to pending in my account. Customer service useless and just tells me they don’t know why the transaction was failed and don’t know when I’ll get the money back. Absolutely useless, avoid.

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