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Travelex was founded in 1976 and has since grown to become one of the most recognised brands in the Travel Money sector with over 1,100 branches worldwide. As well as providing currency services for many banks and supermarkets, Travelex also operate 900 ATMs around the world.

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6 May 2022

Daylight robbery


They will take 30% of your money you want to exchange + £5

Exchanged £200 into Turkish Lira

Real exchange would of been 3,600

Website stated 3100 roughly

Received 2,600 at the desk

Lost £60 to this fraudulent company!

Just wait till your in the country and withdraw from an ATM

Will be cheaper on the exchange!!


James Deasy

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1 Stars

2 April 2022

Appalling - have had a card for several years, fair bit of money on it and just before going away we realised the card had expired. Phoned Travelex - they claimed unable to issue a new card and advised i attended a branch. Finally managed on the phone to get them to transfer my money back - at an exortionate exchange rate (I await this to be credited but assume they will). AVOID at all cost.



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26 March 2022

Bought travel money

26 March 2022

JFK ATM machine, opportunistic and changes a very inflated exchange rate. I have now formed a mental note and will always avoid and also share with my network - extremely disappointed that Travelex during a pandemic will be this obvious about their rates.


Brad Welland

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2 March 2022

I was persuaded to take out a Travelex Money card at Heathrow T5 as was told I would get a better exchange rate for my GBP. However Travelex entered my details into their system incorrectly and I could not set up the online app which allows you to see balance, add funds etc.

When I asked Travelex how to rectify this they told me to send copies of my passport via email to validate my identify which I was not prepared to do as it is an insecure mechanism to send confidential information and there have been 1000s of cases of email interceptions, resulting identify fraud. Travelex could not provide another option to allow me to utilise the card.

I would suggest you avoid this card as there are cheaper options for exchanging your money, the customer service support is poor, and their security checks are not safe.



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1 Stars

16 February 2022

Bought US dollars

16 February 2022

I withdraw 800$ and their exchange rate was 12.2%

Stay away from their machines!


Fabricio mercier

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1 Stars

28 August 2021

Travelex doesn’t accept Apple pay

Travelex doesn’t accept Apple pay

I paid with Apple Pay with the exact card I registered online.

After that, travelex told me that they don’t accept Apple Pay and it will take days to get my money back. They told me that their procedure requires the card number to be the same as the card but given that Apple Pay creates a unique card number Id for each payment, they cannot match it.

This is the sign of a company not able to adapt to technology.

Because of them, I am travelling to my wedding without the cash needed. Thanks Travelex! AVOID!



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22 December 2020

Bought travel money

22 December 2020

Avoid at all costs. A total fraud.

If I could give no what these cowboys deserve.

I was persuaded to purchase the card at Stansted departure when I travelled to Morocco in March. I put £250 on the account. Never used it because of COVID-19 travel restrictions. Went to Heathrow yesterday for PCR pre travel test and decided to get foreign currency at the Travelex counter. Imagine my consternation...only £60 left on the card. No explanation. I just requested to withdraw the balance in dollars.

Never again!



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1 Stars

4 November 2020

I got this card from London Heathrow lady on counter told me i will not get any charges if I transfer money into Turkish lira I withdraw twice both time I got charges and it was very high charges rang them there customers service was very rude and put my phone down will never use there card better to use my bank card the this rubbish card



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1 Stars

18 October 2020

My card worked whilst away. On return to uk I have not used my card. My balance has multiple transactions-I’ve reported this to travelex support, my card is frozen. I’m concerned how if I have the card and only set this up on my mobile how I’ve been hacked. Reported as fraud and two weeks on travelex don’t appear to have done anything to investigate hacking and fraudulent activities or refund lost money. If it were a bank this would have been investigated and whoever made transactions and device used traced.

So right now I’d strongly advice against a service that has yet to explain how my details for a card never used in the uk could be hacked and spent here. If they can hack one card and no safety has been evidently put in place, I’d guess all cards are unsafe.

Will update if travelex feel fraud is worth investigation! If they don’t then I’ll be checking who I report them to for investigation, in case the failure to investigate is an attempt to cover an internal Issue? Who knows with poor communications and lack of action from a financial company. This is abysmal.



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1 Stars

14 September 2020

Ordered a prepaid Euro card

14 September 2020

These guys have been taking £2.50 a month off my card balance as I cannot use the card because it’s expired. Been on the phone to them (somewhere in India) for over an hour and all they can do is tell me to cancel my existing card (which has expired so how am I supposed to do that ) and request a new card and they will transfer the balance. They won’t do this for me!!! Asked to speak to someone more senior and got fobbed off with they are busy and will call me back in a couple of hours!! Now been 6 hours and no call. If you take one of these cards and only use it once a year make sure you don’t leave any balance cos these guys will take it from you with no shame.

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