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Travelex was founded in 1976 and has since grown to become one of the most recognised brands in the Travel Money sector with over 1,100 branches worldwide. As well as providing currency services for many banks and supermarkets, Travelex also operate 900 ATMs around the world.

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1 Stars
1 Stars

29 December 2022

Takes 3 days to top up the Travelex card , when overseas it’s ridiculous

DO NOT get this card it is garbage

Should’ve gone to our Bank and got a travel card ! Service desk is as useless as this card

when you are running low and need to top it 3 days is a joke ! Never again Travelex I won’t get burnt again

Run away travellers ! Run fast



5 Stars
5 Stars

24 October 2022

Great prepaid currency card, I forgot my main foreign currency card at home so as I was at the Airport already I decided to purchase some cash on the Travelex branded card, had no issues with it abroad.



1 Stars
1 Stars

22 October 2022

Bought £300 worth of Euros

22 October 2022

The machine displayed £3 costs. In reality they add also almost 15%! markup to the amount. What a scam!



1 Stars
1 Stars

11 October 2022

Bought Euros

11 October 2022

Thieves. Pirates. Bought 300 EUR at LDN Stanstead, their website shows it should have cost appx 270 GBP, charged me 330. I complained because I assumed the desk clerk got his divide and multiply buttons confused, and received what can only be described as utter bull in response. Didn’t have the decency to use my name on the reply and even hoped it wouldn’t deter me from using them in the future. Jesus wept.



1 Stars
1 Stars

5 October 2022

Sent money overseas

5 October 2022

I have been chasing a funds transfer completed 1 Oct 2022 of $1,200.00 AUD going into a Platinum Travelex Money Card.

I have made several phone calls into this matter and nobody is able to assist other than to say a PayID transaction can take maybe 2 business days, maybe 3 business days to process.


Today is Day 3 and still NO FUNDS!

Refer call reference SC3078918 and I was told to call back when the Australian team is working, well again that is UNACCEPTABLE!

I spoke to Malik 04.10.22 and he assured me he would email the appropriate team to have this transfer completed.

This morning I'm told there were no notes indicating this, again, UNACCEPTABLE!

I have attached records of my calls in regards to this matter and I expect to be compensated for ALL my out of pocket expenses (at this stage $200AUD).

I expect this matter to be treated with the UTMOST URGENCY and a response provided accordingly.

If a satisfactory outcome is not provided I will take this up with Financial Services Ombudsman in Australia.

I look forward to your prompt response.

If I could give a negative score I would.

Avoid at all costs!



5 Stars
5 Stars

28 August 2022

Excellent service. Fatima really helped me understand how the app works. Heathrow, London Airport



1 Stars
1 Stars

25 August 2022

What a nightmare of a system. I absolutely wish I had paid for the travel card from my own bank.


dr mike buck

1 Stars
1 Stars

11 August 2022

Bought travel money

11 August 2022

Had an "old" ASDA prepaid card obsolete 2019 and they never contacted me. Discovered this myself the hard way May 2022. Searching turned up Travelex as the new administrators. Could not get the E1k returned other than by taking out a travelex card. Not happy.


David Brown

1 Stars
1 Stars

14 July 2022

Bought Euros

14 July 2022

Tried to book to pick up Euros at Terminal 1 at Manchester Airport for Saturday 16th July 2022 (in two days time) but earliest available pick up date was 19th July. Phones to query and Travelex told me that the store was closed (!). What about all the poor people who have already boked pick-ups? How can this company be allowed not to open a crucial service at a major airport on a Saturday in the holiday season?



1 Stars
1 Stars

6 May 2022

Daylight robbery


They will take 30% of your money you want to exchange + £5

Exchanged £200 into Turkish Lira

Real exchange would of been 3,600

Website stated 3100 roughly

Received 2,600 at the desk

Lost £60 to this fraudulent company!

Just wait till your in the country and withdraw from an ATM

Will be cheaper on the exchange!!

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