Can you spend Euros in Turkey

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*This article was updated March 2019

At present Turkey is not part of the European Union and Turkey is also not part of the single Euro currency. However, in order to answer the question, can you spend Euros in Turkey, the answer is yes. As Turkey is very closely linked with Europe the Euro currency is accepted in the country by many traders and therefore it can be spent in the country as part of your holiday spending money if you have spare Euros to spend.

Despite this though we have always advised customers that any country that you travel to you will generally find it much easier and more cost effective by using the local currency in the country you are visiting which in this case is the Turkish Lira, especially when it comes to buying small items or paying for your bus or taxi fare in cash which could potentially cost you more in Euros when compared with using the Turkish Lira currency.

If you decide to travel to Turkey without changing your currency first then we would advise not to change your money at the local bank or your hotel in Turkey as this will give you less opportunity to compare exchange rates and it could cost you more money in fees. Also withdrawing money from cash machines or using your credit card abroad in Turkey could be costly as well especially if you are using your card for several transactions a day.

For more information check your bank or credit card supplier’s website for all their fees on using your debit or credit cards abroad. If you are wondering  how much money you will need for turkey then Numbeo have a great article with more detailed information on how much regular items cost and how far your pound will go in Turkey for helping you to budget your holiday spending money.

Turkey has become a very popular holiday destination especially what with the low cost of living in the country which makes the cost of accommodation and general day to day items very good when compared with other popular holiday locations in Europe, for example, Spain, France and Italy, here is a recent article from budgetyourtrip which explains how to make the most of your pound when choosing your holiday destination for your summer holiday this year.

If you return from your holiday with left over currency then you can always use our sell currency comparison service to compare all the top buy back suppliers and their exchange rates to find the best deal for you whether you are looking to sell back Turkish Lira or Euros. However, if you are planning a future holiday to Europe then we would advise to keep hold of your Euros for next time you go on holiday and don’t forget that you can spend Turkish Lira in Northern Cyprus as well.

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